Yes! Leni Robredo Can Solve The Manila Water Crisis!

It’s really common for Yellowtards to bitch like “Only if Mar Roxas won!” or “I wish Duterte will resign so Leni will become president! Leni will be so much better!” Then I want to raise the question to the Dilawans namely, “Can Leni Loud Robredo solve the water crisis right now in Manila?” Why I want to raise the question is because of how often they ignore that Leni Loud herself is really that stupid.

Quotes that make you question Leni Loud’s credibility? Do you remember when she tried to alter the law of basic mathematics by saying 40 x 4 = 1,600? I can’t imagine how that would affect engineering such as the hypotenuse of a right triangle ends up MUCH LONGER that it won’t fit the rest of the sides! She said she has daughters and they are girls — a man can’t be a daughter! Then she said rape happens because of rapists — which again is obvious and she doesn’t address the issue of what causes rape. Then she also has a lot of BUDGET CLAIMS to account for. So I wonder how can she solve the Manila Water Crisis regardless if she were president or vice president?

This has me wondering how will Leni Loud solve the Manila Water Crisis right now if she were the president instead of President Duterte? I guess she would actually do the same thing she did to her own hometown — she would DELAY her action. She prioritized her December 30 photoshoot over her hometown which got hit by a typhoon. Worse, she even objected to Manny Pinol’s plan for anti-flood mechanisms which could have also helped her hometown.

So Dilawan do you think Leni Loud can solve the Manila Water Crisis?

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