Yellowtard Socialists And Filipino Activists Relying On The International Clown Court Proves They’re Not As “Nationalistic” As They Claim To Be

I remembered how I wrote about how the Filipino activist groups aren’t as nationalistic as they want you to believe. They oppose to foreign investments in the name of nationalism. However, you see Renato Reyes Jr. not only drinking a Coke float but he was later seen with Jimmylisa Badayos (left) going to the International Clown Court. WTF and I thought people like them were really nationalistic. Oh the irony the hate the idea of foreign investors doing business in the Philippines (and they submit one lie after the other) all the while they welcome foreign intervention from foreigners!

Don’t buy for even a second that these groups are nationalistic because they are NOT. They only use nationalism as a cover for their activities. In reality, they don’t want foreign investors to arrive in the Philippines because it would mean the downfall of their power. Reyes himself is pretty much the rally is life and he gets paid to do so. Rally is life because there’s lots of money from whoever oligarchs would hire their services. If more Filipinos had work thanks to economic liberalization then you can think how these Filipino activist groups would slowly lose their grip. They only care about power and not for the nation. Nationalism is the facade but power is the name of the game.

The very pullout of the Philippines from the ICC has put the activist groups under further shame. These activist idiots may take in the form of the Yellowtard socialists or the leftist groups such as Makabayad, Migraine International, Anak Ng Bayad, Anak Patis and Gagabriela. Both Yellowtard socialists and Red socialists did one serious mistake — they asked for a rather foreign court to intervene for their selfish desire while claiming to be so “nationalistic”. Their going to the ICC further proves that they are not really as nationalistic as they claim to be. Instead, they are selfish people who only care about their wallets more than anything.

The Philippines doesn’t need a bully to tell it what it does. Just think the Philippines managed to win the international dispute with China. Now, it doesn’t need the ICC to bully it either. It needs foreign allies not foreign bullies like the ICC. With Spratlys back in the hands of the Philippines — will all those Yellowtard socialists and Filipino activist groups please migrate there and STAY THERE FOR GOOD!

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