WTF Is Renato Reyes Jr. Doing At The International Criminal Court If He’s So “Nationalistic”?

It’s no secret that the “nationalist” groups such as Bayan Muna and Akbayan actually contradict themselves. A year ago, Tom Villarin of Akbayan even went as far as to join with foreign groups who claim to be “experts of the Philippines” and even said that the Malacanang Palace is “scared” of Agnes Callamard. Now, it turns out that Renato “Babalu” Reyes Jr. was absent because he flew all the way to the NETHERLANDS to go to the International Criminal Court (ICC) — which by the way is really that useless because it’s ran by selective justice. As said, it’s good to have a criminal court but it’s useless when people running it are also useless — just like the Commission of Human Rights became a useless sitting duck because of people like Leila De Lima, Etta Rosales and Chito Gascon
What’s so contradictory about Reyes himself? He hates capitalism and the U.S. but why was he even caught drinking a COKE FLOAT over any locally made soda or better Pyongyang Soju from North Korea? If he hates capitalism so much then why is he using electronic gadgets and he’s on social media networks (and none of them are Filipino-made) which are results of capitalism and free trade competition? Now if he’s so nationalistic and anti-rich then why did he even ride on a plane owned by very rich people to go there? Not only does he rant against capitalism via gadgets made by capitalism while he also contradicts himself by going to the ICC which is NOT even a Filipino organization. 
This is the irony. Reyes hates the idea of free trade and capitalism but as said why did he even drink a Coke Float or he was even spotted at S & R? Why protest against U.S. intervention yet go to the ICC asking for help against the “current dictatorship”? If he’s so nationalistic (as he claims) then he shouldn’t even fly there. Maybe, he could have used a bangka or two ask for natives to help him overthrow the current administration. He’s proof that the whole idea of a self-driven economy free from foreigners will never work. He’s still benefiting from foreign influence after all, right?  

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