Will Kris Aquino’s Role In Crazy Rich Asians Raise Her Credibility AMONG FILIPINOS?

Kris Aquino appearing in a Hollywood movie called “Crazy Rich Asians” is something that anti-intellectual blogger Jover Laurio is proud about. Don’t believe me? You can read her latest Taglish article where she brags that Kris’ part in a Hollywood movie is something to be proud about. Really Jover? Is that really something to be proud of? This also reminds me of how I actually wrote an article that says Filipinos shouldn’t even care if Kris goes to Hollywood or not. In Tagalog, I can say it as, “Walang pakialam dapat ang mga Filipino kung pupunta ba si Kris sa Hollywood o hindi!”

So what if Kris appears in a Hollywood movie? It doesn’t matter anymore of she does for this reason. It seems to be a trend of Filipino Liberals that if they lose their relevance in the Philippines they why not import it from abroad? Is it me or is it really a trend now that the Yellows are actually appealing to foreign affirmation in order to try and get their relevance restored among Filipinos? For instance, supporters of Maria Ressa even want everyone to believe that Duterte Supporters are crying because of the number of awards she has — which includes the Golden Pen of Freedom Award. Now are they saying that Duterte Supporters are now crying because Kris is in a Hollywood movie?

Should I mention just how anti-intellectualism is also very prevalent in a lot of Hollywood films and how often they create bastardized versions of beloved materials? One of the biggest contributors of Filipino anti-intellectualism aren’t only found in those idiotic teleseryes. You may also find them in the overabundance of American entertainment day in and day out. I just remember why I even stopped watching a lot of American entertainment these days. Sure, I can be very shallow with why I watch certain stuff (ex. attractive actress) but again what’s the use of having all the eye candy when the story is that bad? Just because something is American or in American-English doesn’t necessarily make it the best in the world over other shows that aren’t American or in American-English.

However, it’s more than time to consider her REAL status of her relevance in the Philippines. Her relevance is dying and only Yellows (and their numbers are already DWINDLING) still think she’s the best. It doesn’t matter anymore if she will appear in even more Hollywood movies (and yes, a lot of Hollywood acting is well overacting or O.A. for short — just like hers) because her credibility among Filipinos is still shrinking. In short, there’s nothing to be jealous about her being in a Hollywood movie. Hopefully, Mocha Uson would just shut up and ignore Kris altogether as well. 

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