Will “A Dangerous Life” Get A Sequel Called “A Dangerous Life 2”?

I remembered watching “A Dangerous Life” which was actually heavily edited for history class. I couldn’t forget how often I admired Ninoy Aquino back when I was much younger, I even had him partly as an inspiration then I thought about how years later — I realized that the history books by the Department of Education are filled with half-truths. While nobody can deny the atrocities associated with Ferdinand E. Marcos Sr.’s misuse and abuse of martial law — what was hidden from the public was that the Aquinos were no heroes too. It turns out that Ninoy himself was actually just another fake hero and a failed mutineer. Doesn’t that sound familiar?

There’s the problem that many Filipinos tend to use komiks, teleseryes and pelikulas by the biased mainstream media as their sources of truth. For instance, the “best source” for proving the otherwise guilty Flor Contemplacion as “innocent” was WTF — the Flor Contemplacion Story starring Nora Aunor? Now, to make Ninoy a hero — perhaps their favorite source back then was the movie called “A Dangerous Life”. Now it’s time to consider whether or not said movie will get a sequel and who will direct it? Will they get the rights from the Australia Broadcasting Corporation?

IMHO, I think the sequel will probably be directed by the European liberals who think that they are “experts” of the Philippines. Those who keep awarding the Yellows for their supposed “crusade for human rights” may want to direct the movie themselves. It would involve movie stars from ABS-CBN and GMA-7 to collaborate for said project. Who would be cast as who would still be unknown. But maybe, we would get Daniel Padilla as a young Antonio Trillanes IV and Kathryn Bernardo as a young Arlene Orejana for the flashbacks. Hmmm maybe we can cast Michael V. as Trillanes. It would probably feature all alleged brutalities of the Duterte Administration and maybe Agnes Callamard will also star as herself.

Stay tuned for further details!

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