Why The Filipino Subject Needs To Be Given Less Importance Permanently

I remembered hearing the decision which may involve removing Tagalog or Filipino from the College courses. While Filipino has been considered a minor subject you needed to pass but I think reviewing on Tagalog can be a waste of space for this reason — all courses are required to take the Rizal course (which may also be a waste of space) and a review of Philippine history. Now, I have nothing against the Tagalog language or that every country has their own national language (like China has Mandarin and Hanguk in South Korea) — however we must be wary of emphasizing too much on Tagalog.

The song “Ako’y Isang Pinoy” (I’m a Filipino) should no longer be sang for this reason — it’s teaching Filipinos or Pinoys to overemphasize their national language of Tagalog. Worse, it’s using Gat Jose Rizal as an excuse and reason to do so. So which is better? Being sanay (accustomed) to the language of foreigners and getting a better course in life or being magaling (very good) in Tagalog without the better opportunities to make sure you’re at least not in the poverty line?

This could be the alternative. I don’t call for removal of Tagalog from the elementary and middle school. After all, Tagalog is currently the national language and the only problem I have are the Tagalog imperialists or Tagalistas — not Tagalogs themselves as a whole. The problem comes with the whole idea of fake nationalism where English (and other foreign languages used worldwide) is downgraded in favor of Tagalog. Some even can go as far as to say that they don’t like English because it’s “imperialistic language” — never mind that the Philippines is ran more like an empire of Tagalogs than a country for Filipinos of all ethnic groups.

So why am I in favor of actually putting more foreign language elective courses? Whether you like it or not — you’ll probably find speaking either Mandarin, Hanguk or Nihonggo far more valuable than speaking Tagalog or doing businesses with foreigners. I even think about the incredible irony about a certain number of Tagalistas who love to brag about how OFWs means that the Philippines is taking over the world while it’s time to raise this question — how can you have Filipinos being able to “invade” other countries if all they know how to speak is Tagalog? I guess they never thought of that considering that they have their deluded mindset.

Speaking a new language is important for many stuff. The Philippines can go ahead and remove all 60/40 barriers and excessive foreign restrictions yet you have to realize this — there’s still the need to invite foreign businesses abroad to invest in the Philippines or for landlords to deal with foreign tenants. Not all of the foreign investors speak English fluently. It reminds me of how hard it is to deal with Chinese and Korean tenants because of their limited knowledge in English. Learning a new language helps in both inviting and accommodating foreign investors. It may even give Filipinos a new job as interpreters and language teachers. After all, there’s foreigners who come to the Philippines to get an English language education — this is why English once again needs to be given more importance along with other widely spoken non-English languages!

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