What Do Marquis Of Peace Pang Yu And Mar Roxas Have In Common?

I was doing some classical rewatching the other day and this scene from Judge Bao (as Filipinos may have remembered him) or Justice Bao has one episode that reminds me of a certain someone today. Okay, just watch the video with subs first before you finish reading this post, okay?

There was a certain someone in China called as Pang Yu where he was titled as the Marquis of Peace by Emperor Renzong. It was a time of famine and disaster. Emperor Renzong entrusted Pang Yu to use relief funds to help people in need. But what did he do? He embezzled public funds for his own use. Funds that should have been used to help people who were afflicted by a current disaster. People in Chenzhou complained over to Judge Bao. Judge Bao decided to lead the arrest said official for misusing government funds for personal use. He even dared to deny that he did what he did — even lied that he was efficient and that the delays were “necessary”. However, investigations proved that Marquis of Peace Pang was actually guilty of several crimes that led to Judge Bao to order said execution.

So who’s the Filipino version of Pang Yu? It’s none other than a certain someone who misused the Yolanda funds. That person is none other than Manuel A. Roxas II. Considering that some Filipinos do have Chinese ancestry then maybe Roxas himself is a descendant of Pang. Both of them are brilliant scholars hence they both landed on their desired positions by higher authorities. Roxas dared to even make himself the “hero” of Tacloban in his “hit comic book series” — even if people of Tacloban have revealed otherwise. Like Marquis of Peace Pang — Roxas himself also has the people of Tacloban to testify against him like Pang had the people of Chenzhou to testify against said corruption.

One of the biggest weaknesses of the Philippine justice system is how loose it is. Would have someone like Judge Bao sat as either Justice Secretary or Head of the Supreme Court — Roxas would have probably met the same fate as Pang. Pang himself was ordered to be beheaded at the order of Justice Bao. It reminds me of how I love to say it that if Roxas would have been ordered to be executed by the Chinese courts similar to what happened to Zheng Xiaoyu last 2008 for the melamine-tainted food scandal. Instead, having both Leila De Lima and Lourdes Sereno in their respective offices in the judiciary back then may have given Roxas his immunity. Heck, Roxas was even allowed to run for president in spite of the criminal act that he did against the people of Tacloban.

Just think — would you want someone as dirty as Marquis of Peace Pang Yu to be in office? Hmmm maybe right now the Philippines really needs someone like Judge Bao to lead it huh?

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