What Do Jim Paredes And Leah Navarro Really Know About Politics And Economics?

It’s really that sad how the state of Philippine politics is nothing more than show business politics. That’s really the problem of the presidential system — everything is more focused on popularity than credibility all in the name of “democracy”. Unfortunately, majority-based or popularity-based democracies are but tyrannies of the majority. Right now, you may say that Antonio F. Trillanes IV’s supporters are a “bullied minority”. Unfortunately, people only raise concerns about the minority when they are in the minority all the while gloat about how they’re in the majority and bully the majority — when they are in the majority. Talk about double standard!

Now, I’ve even heard that well both Jim Paredes and Leah Navarro are now possible Liberal Party candidates. This is so sick that the Senate is filled with such people who usually KNOW NOTHING about politics such as actors and athletes. I even think Senator Vicente Sotto gets his slot because he’s a POPULAR COMEDIAN. Whether it’s Robert Jaworski becoming a Senator because of basketball, Manny Pacquiao because of boxing or because so and so is popular — it just doesn’t measure up to credibility. Worse, the presidential system is really encouraging stupid voters to vote and that the minority must accept the results and are usually silenced from criticizing the majority. Now that’s not a government of the people, for the people and by the people or in short — it’s not even democratic if that’s the case!

I’d like to ask what do Navarro and Paredes even know about legislation to start with? One can take a look at their criticisms. Navarro even fails to ask herself or look at the facts such as that Prseident Duterte quickly returned home from Russia during the Marawi Crisis or is the June 12 flag raising more important than attending to a national crisis? Also, Paredes is making a couple of mindless rants such as that does he even know that martial law is still part of the current constitution he so adores? President Duterte declared martial law or military law in Mindanao because the police can no longer handle the current crisis it’s in. Did he even bother to compare the martial law years under Marcos vs. the constitutionally declared martial law of President Duterte?

The Senate is not an entertainment room to begin with. If Paredes and/or Navarro want to sing then do it at a concert hall. They are better off as entertainers than as legislators. Sadly, the Philippines is built on popularity driven politics because the current system allows it. So whoever says that it’s just a matter of people and not systems need to see the consequences of their beloved 1987 Constitution

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