Warning: Sponsoring KriSTD Aquino Is BAD For Your Business

Do you remember all the times when Kris Aquino herself was once the ever-popular model of several products and services? Well, I could remember how often I didn’t want to watch local Filipino TV anymore because it doesn’t matter what show is aired — the commercial breaks usually focus on Kris herself! I could remember how I love going to National Bookstore and SM yet I hate seeing her face in every corner. She gets one sponsorship after the other with several companies that it’s sickening. The 90s can be a great time for many and it was also for Kris herself too, right?

Then 2010 came and it was her time to shine because her older brother Noynoy Aquino became president. Yet, one could consider what was really happening to her. If anyone can also be thanked for ruining her career — we can all thank Noynoy for it! Noynoy’s presidency inadvertently revealed the serious flaws of the Liberal Party such as the deteriorating MRT, the Bureau of Customs problem is even bigger than you think and some poorly done projects. While Noynoy did some economic improvement with his 29 important economic amendments — yet his appointees all proved how much of a serious mess the Liberal Party has become throughout the years! Then it happened that Kris campaigning for Mar Roxas ended up further ruining her career — ABiaS-CBN ended up spewing out their once beloved icon of gossip shows!

You can think of why Kris is no longer as lucrative as she used to be. Nicko Falcis leaking confidential information about Kris and Jover is uncalled for yet she somehow had it coming. If Kris then admitted that she has paid for Pignoy Ako Blog then it may be time to consider investigating her ASAP. The problem isn’t offering criticism to President Duterte (regardless of who does it) but making sure said criticism is valid. So the question is right now — is Kris using all the money she gets from people who sponsor her (the brands above) to actually pay for the promotion of Jover Laurio’s rather childish anti-government blog. Besides, Laurio herself isn’t so innocent either as she was also spotted spreading panic by saying that the Philippines is now a province of China.

Paying Kris to endorse your products and services may already be indirectly or passively contributing to any destabilization plot. If you know sponsoring her to endorse your product will get your money used for destabilization then you better stop. We know money is needed to run a business and we know advertising is part of it. It may get your business indirectly involved with not just a mere childish activity but possibly a CRIMINAL one. Kris may also be guilty of embezzlement which is using a legal business as a front for one’s illegal activities. Companies that sponsor Kris should consider no longer hiring her or giving her even a single cent. It’s not just about President Duterte but also the whole welfare of the Philippines that may be at stake here. So just stop paying Kris and IGNORE her completely!

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