Using The 1987 Constitution In This Day And Age Is Like Getting Stuck With Windows 95 And Obsolete CPU Models

Time flies fast doesn’t it? Another decade is coming to an end as 2019 means 2020 is just around the corner. Now, I thought about the need for constitutional reform is badly there. So why is the Philippines still stuck with the 1987 Constitution when it’s already 2019 next year? Worse, a certain senile old man still believes that the 1987 Constitution must still be used even when it’s the year 3019.

The Constitution can be likened to an operating system for your computer. Let me ask you — would you still use Windows 95 in this day and age? My answer is certainly no. I may not enjoy much of today’s modern music but I wouldn’t want to listen to classical music over an old record player. While Windows 95 did become such a popular operating system yet we know we soon had Windows 98, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and Windows Vista. In short, Windows 95 is already and should be regarded as an obsolete software. It also called for upgrading to newer, better central processing units or CPUs than we had when Windows 95 was still the trend.

We can always argue that it’s just people but not the systems. But let’s consider the workplace and the demand for Internet as a necessity. Can we really continue to rely on Windows 95 especially that Microsoft Office applications today feature way more cool stuff than they did in the 90s? A good example is that you couldn’t enter those really long formulas used for math and science courses in Microsoft Word until later. Today, your math and science teachers can now write clearer, more legible formulas with basic knowledge of Microsoft Word than they would have back with Windows 95. Besides, how can Windows 95 even operate newer softwares? Also, how can people work better if they have old obsolete models that are most likely to keep hanging up that work efficiency will be compromised in the process?

This is the problem of the Philippines’ being stuck with the 1987 Constitution even when 2019 is around the corner. Making changes within isn’t going to help as much as a system overhaul. Can you imagine it if Bill Gates just decided to keep making changes within Windows 95 rather than make a Windows overhaul when badly needed? Why do you think Microsoft released better operating systems and got rid of MS-DOS and created better Windows systems? It’s because Gates knows that Windows must evolve beyond 95 or perish! If he didn’t do it then Microsoft would have been shut down. The situation can be like Fidel Ramos was already thinking about launching a new, better and upgraded constitution yet fear-mongering prevented the badly needed charter change Ramos wanted to put in. Then we have the same naysayers who would like of the fear of “Gloria forever” and now “Duterte forever” in regards to shifting to a parliamentary system. It’s just like when people say that they shouldn’t get the latest version of Windows and stick to 1995 because they had more experience it with and zero with the later versions of Windows.

So why do we need a constitutional overhaul? Did you remember how you had to type WIN at MS-DOS before Windows just started up? Do you remember how you couldn’t use the mouse when you were running the diagnosis? Today, you could use the mouse while setting up the operating system. Today, you don’t need to type WIN in MS-DOS to start Windows. Today, you can play MS-DOS games via emulators than having to use the rather tedious MS-DOS. The same can be true for the 1987 Constitution as it’s really outdated and the Philippines’ needs a new one!

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