Those Who Say That Yolanda Relief Operation Was Efficient Should Try Eating Rotten Relief Goods

It’s crazy how the Yellows just criticize President Rodrigo R. Duterte for the sake of criticizing. They could have made themselves relevant if they offered constructive criticism than just complain. In short, they should have offered feasible solutions. Now after Ompong — it’s really hilarious how some of these Yellow critics even want to assume President Duterte is just sleeping at the Malacanang while the nation suffers. Some even dare to say that the Yolanda operations were efficient. Really, was it all that efficient?

Here’s a bit of my challenge. If they say that the Yolanda Operations were efficient then why not try EATING EXPIRED RELIEF GOODS for their breakfast, lunch and dinner? Let’s see if they don’t even get sick after eating them. Many squatters have very poor nutrition from eating food from the garbage can but they haven’t fallen down easily. Some of these people who even dare say that the Yolanda relief operation was efficient aren’t used to eating rotten relief goods. I don’t think their stomachs can easily take it and they would be hospitalized or even land at the Intensive Care Unit as a result.

Hmmm while at it let’s start our nomination. I would nominate both Stinky Soliman and Mar Roxas for starters. Maybe, we can also include Leah Navarro, Jim Paredes, Cynthia Patag and Agot Isidro too as possible contestants for this rather gruesome challenge.

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