The World’s Greatest Magician For 2018 Is Atty. Romulo Macalinlang

It’s really amazing how magic is more fun in the Philippines, isn’t it? Besides, the current title holder of the world’s greatest magician is a Filipino himself. Am I talking about Filipino stage magicians such as James Cuevas, Jerry Tam (Filipino-Chinese) or Kent Oliver (who’s a halfie) as the greatest Filipino magician? Nope, they only perform stage magic tricks to wow our eyes with well-prepared illusions. But Atty. Macalinlang has defeated them by several miles. Here’s why… and why he should be awarded as the world’s greatest magician!
You can imagine how he’s managed to actually manipulate the electoral system and those magicians I just mentioned can’t even do that. Square ballots that voted for Mar Roxas and no signature in the ballots? Call it a trick ballot. Ever saw any magician Filipino or not perform it? Nope. I don’t see any Filipino stage magician wow the foreign audience with that talent. Sure, you’ve seen many magic illusions but can you actually defeat the trick ballot? You have 25% shaded ballots up to square shaped ballots that would have helped candidates win. Sure, his magic didn’t make Roxas the new president but it certainly did put selected members of the Liberal Party into their seats. 

Want to see how effective Atty. Macalinlang’s magic is? Take a look at this sample video that shows electoral fraud last 2016. That’s why Bongbong Marcos couldn’t move on. He could move on if Leni Loud Robredo defeated him fair and square. Nope, it’s already becoming more and more obvious that Bongbong was outed by Leni Loud via cheating. This video above shows how the Liberal Party actually cheated its way through the elections. This really makes you wonder can David Blaine and Criss Angel do this one? No! Only Atty. Macalinlang can do it!

Image taken from Spot.PH
Here’s a real ballot and it’s not a square-shaped ballot used as trick prop by Atty. Macalinlang. The legitimate, default ballot uses circles that you need to SHADE IN FULL — no more, no less! But why is that the Liberal Party wants the Supreme Court to honor those less than 100% shading? I guess that’s why they can’t handle the installment of the latest chief justice — a REAL strong woman in Teresita L. De Castro which further proves that President Duterte is allergic to victim card playing women and applauds strong women. 
Besides, having him in jail can be a good thing for prisoners. Just think about it. There will be magic shows courtesy of him. But there’s one thing he needs to learn — he has to learn to outdo Harry Houdini’s escape artist tricks. After all, those trick chains do have a weak link in them. But for him, hopefully he can’t magic himself out of where he should be — IN JAIL

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