Stephen Sackur May Consider Interviewing Atty. Romulo Macalinlang On BBC HARDtalk

There’s a current petition for Atty. Glenn Chong to be featured at BBC HARDtalk though I think it’d be better if Atty. Romulo Macalintal or better yet renamed as Atty. Romulo Macalinlang will get interviewed next. It’s really taxing and funny at the same time to listen to the very idiotic statements of a very stupid lawyer. He can’t say that he graduated law at Far Eastern University to say he’s not stupid. Stupidity is not always viewed as a lack of IQ — it can also be linked to one’s extreme lack of common sense. Worse, many people may even have graduate degrees and doctorate degrees but they are very stupid because they lack common sense.

How can a BBC HARDtalk interview roast Atty. Macalinlang? The claims of how the ballots got wet up to the destroyed ballot boxes are preposterous. How can you wet paper months ago and it still comes back wet? The buildings were also very secure which means that the papers had to be deliberately wet. Another is the destroyed ballot boxes. Don’t tell me that it rained highly acidic rain or fire because if that’s the case — why wasn’t the city where the ballot boxes that were destroyed didn’t suffer such damage? Not to mention it would also be worth talking about why in the world would a lawyer want something as stupid as letting the Supreme Court reconsider the 25% shading votes to be valid votes — even when it’s clearly against guidelines to do so!

The question is can a dumbass lawyer survive a grilling from Sackur? You have to consider how Sackur already roasted Antonio Trillanes IV and he also roasted Maria Lourdes Sereno with really hard questions. Both Trillanes and Sereno didn’t escape the grilling — not especially when Sackur ruthlessly roasted their sorry butts with the truths that they don’t really represent Philippine democracy. Just wondering how will Atty. Macalinlang defend himself when Sackur decides to raise some questions concerning his credibility as well as the COMELEC in handling clean and honest elections?

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