Some Stupid Examples Of How Some Filipino-Owned Businesses Refuse To Upgrade

I may be old-fashioned when it comes to my taste in music or some forms of entertainment but it doesn’t mean I refuse to accept new stuff — I’m just the type to want to have the best of both old school and new school. Some businesses just refuse to evolve with the following really mind-boggling examples based on what I’ve encountered…
Stuck with the old cash register and not willing to use a computer

Back then I could understand if people refused to buy desktop computers because they were costly but the rule of the economics of scale changed all that. Desktops and laptops have changed from luxury items to necessity items for work. I remembered how adults used to tell the younger children, “We managed the business — NOT YOU so don’t you even tell us what to change!” Sadly that kind of mentality is one of the reasons why businesses fail. How can you expect to deal with a LONG LINE of customers if you’re stuck in a broken cash register that nobody is willing to fix?

Fax machines

I remembered arguing with a bank once and said, “Ma’am you can’t fax a book! Why do I have to fax? There’s email and standard mail!” Sadly, that bank relationship officer was so stupid not to see how you can’t fax a book. One of the biggest dangers of fax machines is that ANYBODY can easily grab the document. It reminded me of how an answer key that was faxed was easily stolen by students. The most secure way to send a document is through express mail! Hmmm I wonder do they still request for bottle mail?

Still using those oh-so unreliable floppy disk and hard disk drives

I remembered working on high school term paper and my printer broke. I wanted to go to the Internet cafe. I wanted to transfer my work on the document and guess what — the file was TOO LARGE to be put in a diskette! It’s so stupid how I had teachers who still requested for floppy disks in the mid 2000s. Really? The diskettes themselves are not even reliable. Today, you have the Universal Serial Bus which can store PLENTY OF FILES MORE than these stupid diskettes which I’m glad are gone!

Still using those paper-eating monsters called typewriters

Why I don’t like typewriters is this — one mistake is that I had to everything all over again. Another reason is that my typing speed is compromised. I sort of facedesked when we still used typewriters for typing class in my first year of high school. Fortunately, they were all thrown out in favor of typing lessons using PCs. It would be stupid to give your employees typewriters to make their documents and complain why paper usage is sky high and why work efficiency and effectiveness is very low.

You’re still asking for negatives when there’s digital camera

I remembered how I got so frustrated when I was told that they wanted negative films for “security purposes”. Then I told them to do what the other agencies do — take the pictures themselves such as the Land Transportation Office requests you to take your picture when you apply for a license! Sure, there are photo studios but they only exist now to sell digital cameras, memory cards, batteries for digital cameras and do printing service. But they no longer sell negatives!
Using obsolete programming languages when there’s newer, better ones
While some stuff in Pascal and C are still used today doesn’t mean older versions are still useful, right? You can think about how programming languages now have Java and C++ for higher Windows which allows more possibilities than what older programming language had to offer. So why do we even get stuck with this one? They can’t help modern day programmers so don’t complain if the programmers can’t do a better job if they are given the worst tools!

Windows is an evolving program so why are some people still stuck on Windows 95? It reminded me of a fight I got with my parents in my early college days. It was because they refused to replace the obsolete PC for a better one, to get a better operating system because the PC was already down and gone. People are now doing better with the latest version of Windows so why get stuck with an old version that’s bound to be more prone to viruses and security hacks?!

Which in turn makes you wonder why do we even do protectionism to start with? Protectionism doesn’t even help businesses grow! Instead, protectionism encourages Filipino-owned businesses to stagnate. Why some businesses in the Philippines refuse to evolve is due to a lack of competition. But give them enough competition in the form of foreign direct investors and they will be forced to upgrade in order to survive. If they don’t upgrade then they won’t survive, get it?

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