So Why Aren’t The Yellows Asking #NasaanSiLeni Or “Where Is Leni?” During Typhoon Ompong

It was stupid that proud Dilawan singer Leah Navarro once asked, “Nasaan ang pangulo?” or “Where is the president?” during the time of the Marawi Crisis. She failed to realize that President Rodrigo R. Duterte was on an important state visit and HURRIED HOME. Yet, she failed to ask the question, “Nasaan ang pangalawang pangulo?” or “Where is the vice president?” when President Duterte has having an important state visit. Now, it’s time to ask “Nasaan si Leni?” during Typhoon Ompong.
President Duterte and his men are monitoring Typhoon Ompong while Leni Loud and her friends are watching over Typhoon Trilliling. 
So why isn’t Navarro herself asking “Nasaan si Leni?” It’s an obvious case of cherry-picking. It’s disgusting to accuse the Marcos loyalists of cherry picking all the while Aquino loyalists are doing the same thing. Why are we hiding the Hacienda Luisita Massacre incident until now? Why is that they immediately accuse President Duterte of killings they can’t even prove while they can’t even find out who really ordered the death of their “hero” Ninoy Aquino? Why are they even getting help fron Agnes Callamard (who supports the statement that shabu won’t harm) all the while they falsely accuse President Duterte of coddling drug syndicates?

Leni Loud herself has proven that she’s not even fit to be vice president to start with. Just imagine — she was given the task to help the people in Tacloban but she failed. She could have provided feasible economic plans but she didn’t. Instead, she’s spending herself lost in her nonsense. This further helps answer why the Yellows are against the parliamentary system. It’s because Leni Loud herself won’t last long in a parliament. Would have she been Deputy Prime Minister — she would have already been voted out by a vote of no confidence a long time ago.

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