So Senator Drilon Sleeping While Mahathir Mohamad Is Talking Is Just Okay to Yellowtards?

Picture courtesy of Philnews XYZ
Here’s an update a few days ago. Here we have Sonny Angara meeting with the great Mahathir Mohamad. So we can see this public profile has shown the double standard and self-contradiction of the Dilawans. While they can afford to criticize President Duterte for his power naps (as if their beloved Noynoy Aquino didn’t also take them to recharge his head) — did they ever forget that Senator Franklin Drilon himself is a very lazy politician who sleeps in the middle of his jobs. Not even Noynoy’s naps go as long as that. Drilon’s sleeping on the job has become a meme to the point that there’s photo edits of him like sleeping throughout the whole basketball game.
Now it’s time for Yellowtards to answer, “Why criticize President Duterte for his power naps (which may be because he had a headache) WHILE they don’t really raise it up when Drilon is sleeping on important events ON THE SPOT?” That should be a good thing to raise. While I do feel like criticizing President Duterte for his power naps last 2018 but let’s just be fair — Drilon too deserves to get his attention called. But it seems that Drilon’s not taking a power nap. He’s showing disrespect by sleeping DURING an important conference.
This is probably another reason why Dilawans wouldn’t want a parliamentary system. Would have Drilon sat as Speaker of the Philippine House of Commons years ago — they would have witnessed him getting kicked out by a vote of no confidence. So I wonder what reactions does Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammad have towards Drilon’s lack of respect? Hmmm I wonder what does that bitch Agot Isidro have to say now? Would she say Prime Minister Mohammad is proud of Drilon while ashamed of President Duterte? 

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