Should KriSTD Aquino Get Interviewed On BBC HARDtalk?

Well thanks to the #PABoost scandal where Nicko Falcis unethically (and presumably illegally) leaked out transactions between both Kris Aquino and Pignoy Ako Blog’s Jover Laurio — it looks like we could be having a BBC HARDtalk anytime soon. Do you remember how Stephen Sackur had ruthlessly grilled both Senator Antonio Trillanes followed up with former Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno. Now, it just looks like that Kris the self-proclaimed “queen of the media” for more than two decades might get her spotlight again on BBC HARDtalk.

Like any typical kontrabida in lousy Pinoy teleseryes — she always plays the victim card whenever things don’t go her way (and now she’s battling lupus) and she acts like she’s always going to have the spotlight. The recent leakage that proves that Kris herself (and possibly more) have been sponsoring Pignoy Ako Blog may be a tempting sight for Sackur. We know how Sackur invited both Trillanes and Sereno in two different occasions so why not Kris herself?

This would be an interesting thing if Kris should get the spotlight she so craves for but not in a good way. It would be interesting if she should get interviewed by Sackur and try to defend her stupidity or even plead for mercy due to her current health condition. I can’t predict how Sackur would handle Kris but it can be certain she may end up crying on social media and play the victim after the interview closes.

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