Should Antonio Trillanes IV Be Sentenced To Life Imprisonment Or By Death Penalty?

I guess the saga of Antonio Trillanes IV may come to a really bad end. He had it good during the Noynoying Years — now it’s time to really consider the fact that several of his charges have been brought up such as mutiny, sedition, heavy libel cases (such as accusing public figures of phony crime charges) and possibly drug dealing. Why do I even believe he’s into drug dealing? Why do you think he’s having backdoor transactions with China and it doesn’t even look like he was having secret agreements with Xi Jinping? It’s possibly linked to drug dealing though I can’t be too sure of myself!

This is one thing that I heard that Erwin Tulfo may have said that Trillanes could land in jail for 80 years — that’s already good as reclusion perpetua! Trillanes is already 47 years old and he doesn’t look like he can live up to 127 years old! I don’t think the count would just be 80 years because of possibly bigger crimes that he was involved in. It’s possible that it could be much higher than 80. Regardless, it doesn’t change the fact that if he ever gets arrested — if he gets sentenced to that long a time in jail then he’s definitely going to get a life sentence possibly without parole on it.

There could be the alternative of possibly making an example out of him if ever death penalty will be returned. I think death penalty should only be reserved for truly big time criminals. The mistake that Joseph Estrada did was to sentence a lesser known criminal known as Leo Echegaray to death rather than a well-known criminal who once held power. I think the most appropriate death penalty that Trillanes should face is by firing squad. Some countries such as China and Singapore take corruption very seriously — they even go as far as to execute them to prove nobody is above the law. Trillanes should be the first example of giving death penalty corrupt officials if they ever break the law.

What penalty do you think best suits him?

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