Review: SEGA Mega Drive Classics Collection (Nintendo Switch)

Review by Harvard L.

In the long run, Nintendo’s decision to bottleneck the Switch’s Virtual Console to three or four NES games per month did have its benefits. While the Wii and 3DS leveraged third-party Virtual Console titles to bridge gaps between first party releases, the Nintendo Switch has the opposite problem of too many games, and so companies like SNK, Capcom and now SEGA have felt comfortable with dropping their whole back catalogue onto the eShop for easy access. SEGA Mega Drive Classics Collection is an eclectic mix of classics from the late 80’s and early 90’s, gathering the games all together in a hub room filled with posters and SEGA memorabilia. For a retro collection it has a refreshing and varied set of represented genres – action and strategy, single and multiplayer, story-focused and arcade-style. For any Mega Drive fan, the Switch compilation is not to be missed.

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