Reversing Antonio Trillanes IV’s Pardon For The Oakwood Mutiny Incident Is Not An Act Of Political Persecution

It’s really more than about time that Senator Antonio Trillanes IV’s pardon for the Oakwood Mutiny gets reversed. It’s baffling to how former president Noynoy Aquino could pardon him for involvement in the infamous Oakwood Mutiny during the time of House Speaker Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. Mutiny is a serious crime and should have been a ground for him not to sit in politics in the first place. Instead, he and his cohorts such as Gary Alejano are even granted pardon. Alejano became a congressman while Trillanes became a senator. It’s only appropriate that the pardon granted by Noynoy should be reversed by President Duterte.

The Oakwood Mutiny is not the only act that should get him arrested. He may already have several charges of sedition that can be used against him. If found guilty of said sedition charges then he can have more cases piling up on him and not just the Oakwood Mutiny — a crime that he should have not been pardoned for. You can imagine how many people were either hurt or killed during said failed Oakwood Mutiny. One can even consider him going to the International Criminal Court with his good friend Congressman Alejano in the quest to overthrow President Duterte. That act itself is already a very act of sedition. It’s most likely that they are using paid witnesses which again can add more to his sedition charges.

He may also be involved with narco-political activities though this is still speculative. His “confidential trips” to China shouldn’t even be “confidential” considering that he’s a politician. It’s highly possible that he may have been involved with drug smuggling and setting up Paolo Duterte at the same time. If that’s true then the more his arrest order should be released against him. However, this isn’t proven yet but if ever it’s proven then the more he should get arrested. Just think of it how many Filipino lives were ruined by narco-politicians and how many drug dealers still keep getting protection until now. Maybe, just maybe he could be among the big fish in the narcotics trade that need to be gotten rid off immediately. Hopefully, the reasons behind his “confidential” trips to China will be revealed in no time. It wouldn’t be too surprising if ever he’s found doing criminal activities during that time.

He’s not a victim of political persecution. The decision of the Malacanang Palace to reverse the amnesty is not politically motivated. Why should an act such as the Oakwood Mutiny be pardoned to start with? He should have served whatever punishment was due to him during that time. Either way, it’s safe to say that it may only be a matter of time before he plays the victim yet again just like he did during the Oakwood Mutiny incident.

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