Rep. Antonio Tinio Stupidly Berates Senior High Military Training

If there’s anything that the Philippines needs right now — it’s to have the youth disciplined. I remembered how the Reserved Operations Training Corps was once abolished due to several abuses. Years later, I thought that military training has to be returned in the Philippines should return. Now you have Rep. Antonio Tinio who belongs to the Alliance of Not Concerned Teachers slamming military training.

Now I’d like to throw some common sense into Rep. Tinio’s head. Did he bother to examine why ROTC was full of abuses back then? I would like to blame the system and not the program itself. The problem of ROTC is that the Department of Education hasn’t clearly defined it and neither has the law. It is also because the current system of the Philippines hardly has any accountability system. The corruption behind the ROTC program is because of an incompetence-based system. How do yo expect the ROTC to work properly when the system itself encourages abuses and there’s hardly any scrutiny or check and balance.

I don’t want to deny the reality of hazing but since when was hazing ever part of ROTC? The problem also lies in that ROTC superiors who use hazing aren’t removed immediately. Isn’t that what’s being done in a presidential system where due process takes longer than usual? The Philippines also has 7,107 islands so wouldn’t it be better to federalize if one’s territory is too big to avoid less unnecessary hurdles? The current unitary-presidential system can also be blamed to why the ROTC program became a failure.
The final words of Rep. Tinio makes me think that he would rather trust the criminals than the cops. Is he now trying to train the youth to be afraid of the military and police because they are the military and the police or just to only fear abusive soldiers and policemen? I agree that abusive soldiers and police do exist but it seems that he’s trying to abolish both offices for that reason. Hmmm… and what does he want? A defenseless Philippines? Well that would allow him and his fellow activists or communists to take over the country, right? Simple as that!

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