#ProudToBeYellow Has Hit A New Level Of #EDSAIsDead

Thirty-five years ago was when Ninoy Aquino got shot at the Manila International Airport and the same location was later renamed into the Ninoy Aquino International Airport. February 22-26 of 1986 became the days when the fateful EDSA Revolution came and one year later became the dawn of the “successful” 1987 Constitution — which is marked by the plague of Imperial Manila’s dominance over the rest of the Philippines, the popularity-based presidential system continues on and on, and should we mention economic protectionism further empowered crony capitalism more than ever because of the Yellows. It’s been 31 years since they promised progress but where is the progress?

The celebration and rallies of the Dilawan are really having more flies attending them than people attending them. Ever noticed how popularity is fickle? The majority will never be always in your favor and that’s what makes popularity-based democracies unstable. Did you remember how Joseph Estrada was once installed as president because of his popularity and EDSA-2 came demanding his resignation? Later, Noynoy Aquino won out of popularity (because of his two dead parents) only for him to lose approval ratings later on? Besides, one should consider that Filipinos fighting for change do owe their gratitude to Noynoy — would have he not been president last 2010 to 2016 then #ProudToBeYellow wouldn’t be a dying trend. It was under Noynoy’s presidency that the foul stench of the Yellows came out and was exposed like never before. It was during that time that the Liberal Party’s incompetence was fully highlighted in yellow for everyone to see just how stupid they really are causing them to lose their favor with the Filipino people.

I remembered making up my speculation that the Liberal Party has been running out of money for rallyists and trolls. How is that possible? Well, paying foreign organizations to help your idiocy doesn’t come cheap. A good example is how many millions did Chito Gascon end up spending just to get Agnes Callamard to assist them in spreading misinformation against President Duterte? Rigoberto Tiglao of the Manila Times exposed that Gascon paid for both air fare and accomodation of Callamard. I’m even thinking that maybe the awards received by Maria Ressa, Leila De Lima and that of Etta Rosales which came from liberal-minded organizations may have been paid for rather than well-deserved awards. If money was ever involved in winning those awards then they wouldn’t come in cheap either, right? Hmm if that was true then I wonder how much did the Liberal Party spend to make sure their allies get those awards? That’s just my speculation though but what if that’s true?

As said, #ProudToBeYellow is really a dying trend. One can observe how it lost its relevance late in Noynoy’s administration and it’s still losing its relevance now. They brought it on themselves. It’s just like customers may easily fall for a lie in the short run but they can come back as angry customers after they realized that they have been deceived.

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