Presidential System Usually Results To The Aliens VS. Predator Dilemma

Although I’m not really a fan of the Aliens or Predator franchise myself but I always like to bring the crossover movies up when it comes to politics. The tagline is “Whoever wins… we lose.” The same can be true for the presidential system. People tend to think that, “It’s not in the system but it’s in the people.” while the truth says otherwise. For example, if the system permits stuff like nepotism and bribery then don’t tell me that it’s just the people but not the system. Besides, all changing officials will do in a defective system is to offer a band-aid solution rather than to treat the wounds properly. It’s like having good ingredients yet you are using faulty kitchen utensils then the dish isn’t going to turn out right. I mean, wouldn’t slicing a well-done roast beef with a rusty knife ruin a fine dinner?

So how does the presidential system encourage Aliens vs. Predator politics? You can think of the “greatest country in the world” the United States of America with its Aliens vs. Predator scenario with Democrats and Republicans where popularity rules over credibility. The same can be true for Philippine politics where most candidates tend to have a battle between an incompetent politician vs. a corrupt politician. Most of the time, the popularity battles happen where you’ve got to choose whether you would only choose the lesser evil yet it only results to people losing. It’s like choosing to side with a Predator or Yaujta because they won’t attack weaker prey yet you know that they are still a threat to humanity nonetheless. The other option is that you may end up siding with a Xenomorph from the Aliens franchise because they are the natural enemy of the Predators. 

It doesn’t matter which side you are on — an incompetent ruler and a power hungry ruler are both bad for the country. Want a good example? The end of the Marcos Years was merely another takeover. True, the end of the unconstitutional martial law was needed but what did it do? After 1986 and up to the present — the Philippines is still plagued with the same problems all over again such as crony capitalism by refusing to open up the country to foreign investors has resulted to even more and more Filipinos searching for jobs around the world. Then we’re stuck with more problems such as there was the dilemma of choosing between the late Fernando Poe Jr. or back to Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo who were the two leading candidates. 
As much as I don’t like Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo yet I can’t deny that the whole anti-Charter Change rally was done out of ignorance. Right now, the whole fear of “Gloria forever” is still used even when it’s no longer effective. Most people had no idea how a parliamentary system actually works so they protested out of ignorance. The same can be true when Fidel V. Ramos wanted to shift to the parliamentary system and replace the defective 1987 Constitution with a new one. Unfortunately, fear-mongering that Ramos may become a dictator and declare martial law as a result. The fear mongering caused the defective constitution to keep causing more Aliens vs. Predator dilemmas. 
So how it is this situation actually minimized in a parliamentary system? It’s because when you’ve got a parliamentary system then expect competence-based leadership to be the standard of said system. You won’t be stuck too much with the gridlock where popular but stupid people create the scenario where regardless who wins that we all lose scenario. A parliamentary set-up discourages popularity-based politics because you’ve got all members of the parliament engaging in more active debates. Both the majority bloc and the minority bloc must engage each other in real-time debates which weeds out both sides. The prime minister and deputy prime minster aren’t exempted either — they must defend their stand or risk losing their positions to a vote of no confidence. In short, one day a group of Predators get killed then another day another group of Xenomorphs get killed. This would be a good way to remove more Predators and Xenomorphs by shifting to a competence based system. 

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