No Time For Deputy Prime Minister Leni Loud Robredo To Have Nonsense Photo-Ops

So why are the Dilawans so afraid of shifting towards a parliamentary system? Why are they so desperate to say that President Rodrigo R. Duterte wants to set up a parliamentary system to prolong his term or back then the scare of “Gloria forever”? Their pretentious concerns are only about themselves as they love the popularity-driven presidential system. It also means real work and slacking off is easily apprehended — the same can go for Leni Loud Robredo’s photo opportunities or photo-ops for short.

So let’s imagine the scenario where Leni Loud Robredo is the Deputy Prime Minister. Can you imagine how the Philippine Parliament will react to her getting too focused on photo ops rather than her work as Deputy Prime Minister? She would have probably raised the eyebrows of the Philippine Parliament for how she delayed her trip to her hometown of Camarines Sur to do some badly-needed disaster reliefs. She would probably even be questioned to why she focused on her Rizal Day photoshoot rather than the disaster in her own hometown.

As much as I don’t defend Mocha Uson and I’m glad that she’s OUT of her position — she did have a point when she raised Leni Loud wasting her time. Leni Loud should have been doing her job instead of wasting her time. Besides, what has she really done in her current assumed role as vice president? She couldn’t even prove the effectiveness of her poverty alleviation program — so why even think she will make a better president because she’s supposedly “more disente” when it’s all but fakery.

She would definitely have no time or can’t afford to waste precious time when she’s Deputy Prime Minister. She would be in the position where she needs to prepare to answer the Philippine Opposition’s stand and to raise her stand. The weekly debate would probably have the Philippine Majority Bloc facedesking should she answer the Philippine Opposition unprepared. This in turn could lead to her getting kicked out by vote of no confidence.

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