Midnight Black OnePlus 6T Looks Gorgeous

After seeing last month’s OnePlus 6T leak that potentially revealed the design of OnePlus’s new flagship for 2018, the concept makers have been busy getting their takes ready. Reddit user has come up with an exciting new concept of the OnePlus 6T.

The phone’s fingerprint scanner is placed on the back, more like the OnePlus 6. It has a triple camera setup at the rear. If you take a closer look at the phone’s front, you’ll also notice that it has tiny Waterdrop notch, which stores the front-facing camera and some sensors.

The phone they detail features a 19:9 6.3-inch Full HD+ (2280×1080) AMOLED display, 6/8GB of RAM, Snapdragon 845, and other miscellaneous top tier specs. 

Midnight Black OnePlus 6T Looks Gorgeous in this Concept. What about you? Let’s hear your wish list for this year’s OnePlus 6T.

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