Mar Roxas Should Consider Liberating The Economy To Improve Internet Connection Speed

Mar Roxas for the economic development and welfare of the Philippines? He would only deserve votes if and if he would actually have had decided to push through Joseph Estrada’s CONCORD program by removing 60/40 and other excessive restrictions on foreign direct investment. However, it’s a sad thing that how a once brilliant mind flip-flopped and decided that it’s no longer a priority to remove anti-FDI restrictions. So what really happened to him? It’s proof that lousy systems will create lousy people and he’s just one example of that.

This is no different than Neri Colmenares who wants to improve Internet speed while still adhering to the fantasy of national-self industrialization. If Roxas is serious about improving the Internet speed then he should think outside the box of the Yellowtard Constitution. He should consider that one of the biggest weaknesses of the current constitution is excessive restrictions on foreign investment. So how can that stupid 4Ps obsessed old man say that Roxas would make a better president if his candidate doesn’t think of removing unreasonable restrictions towards FDI?

How will putting an end to the duopoly of PLDT Vs. Globe benefit the Internet services? Do you remember when PLDT was the only phone service before Globe? It took several weeks before you got your connection. Now, you have PLDT and Globe. But you must go beyond the duopoly and have more telecommunication companies. That’s why I urge to remove the excessive restrictions. Having more telcos would mean that PLDT and Globe will have more competitors. Mar needs to remember what he learned in Wharton years ago — no competition means no competitiveness!

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