Mar Roxas May Consider Appearing At BBC HARDtalk For His Senatorial Campaign

It’s really crazy how Mar Roxas’ lack of sense of shame is something. He even dared to imagine himself as the “hero of Tacloban” in his hit comic book series. Now, he’s planning to run for senator (again) after he lost both the vice-presidency (during Noynoy’s run) and the presidency. 
I just wanted to think about what Get Real Philippines once said about how an interview with Andrew Stevens from CNN actually exposed Roxas’ character:
Stevens seems to share other international media correspondents’ observations and pointed out to Roxas the apparent lack of order in distributing relief goods. While he acknowledged what Roxas was trying to say — that the government could not handle the initial response — Stevens couldn’t help but remind Roxas that it has already been a week and yet the victims of the typhoon still beg for water from him and his crew.

Roxas explained that nothing can be fast enough in a situation like the one he is coordinating now. The bottled water supply for example, is brought to the social welfare warehouse from where it then goes to the community. It’s probably hard for a veteran journalist like Stevens, someone who has been to many disaster areas, to comprehend why relief goods cannot be given straight to the people. He must be saying to himself that those relief goods do not belong in a warehouse, they need to be given to the people ASAP. He was slowly realizing though that in the Philippines, even the distribution of relief goods, which should be classified as “urgent” has to pass through a maze of bureaucracy.

Roxas already made a fool out of himself during the interview with Stevens from CNN. Now, it would be very funny to think if he actually would have an interview with BBC HARDtalk’s Stephen Sackur. Remember how Sackur actually roasted both Maria Lourdes Sereno and Antonio Trillanes IV when they both appeared at the same time! Now, just imagine how Roxas himself would handle any questions Sackur may actually throw at the former — especially when it comes to the Yolanda relief operation fiasco and how he can account for it.

Just watching how the interviews of both Sereno and Trillanes ended with Sackur is already funny enough. Can you imagine if Roxas should be the next person who would get interviewed by Sackur? It would definitely be fun to see him get grilled by Sackur himself! 

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