Mar Roxas’ Filing For Senatorial Candidacy For 2019 Is Like Him Willingly Sitting On An Electric Chair

It’s really an issue that a person says that he or she is not stupid for reasons such as having a high IQ, entering a prestigious college that not just anyone could enter (ex. Ivy League schools in the United States or Wharton Colleges where I doubt it I’m qualified), an impressive track record in high school, having served in the student council or so on. Right now, the same can be said about Mar Roxas and his supporters. Neither he or his supporters can’t use his past achievements in order to justify his performance blunders.

What performance blunders am I talking about? Did you know that during the time he was the Department of Trade and Industry Secretary under Joseph Estrada that he once advocated for removing foreign investment restrictions? Sadly, he flip-flopped by the time he worked under the Liberal Party’s banner saying that removing foreign investment restrictions isn’t top priority. Not to mention we could also talk about the Yolanda Operation fiasco where he said his well-known quote that Tacloban must understand that their mayor is a Romualdez and the president is an Aquino. Until now, no one could REALLY trace what happened to the Yolanda funds.

So why am I saying that his current candidacy is like sitting on an electric chair? The “hit comic book series” where he portrayed himself as the “Superhero of Tacloban” was indeed a failure. All his antics such as doing “public service” for show wasn’t working. Now, a recent video shows his campaign as senator only gets him jeered at the public for his current poor track record. He may even go ahead and show his grades at Wharton and his record as an investment banker in New York but it’s all in the past. You can simply compare him to the scholars who revived the lion even if common sense tells us that it was an obviously dangerous act. 
The more he maligns or gives criticism to the current president (or just anybody for that matter) — the more he highlights his later in life incompetence. If he wants to criticize then he ought to make sure that he’s giving valid criticism. Later evidence such as poor housing materials and relief operation should make you ask the question — do you still want him in politics after he threw his once brilliant mind out of the window

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