Let’s Not Sensationalize The Taho Throwing Incident, Shall We?

Zhang Jiale had it coming to her when she threw the cup of taho or soybean drink against a police officer named William Cristobal. She knew that liquid drinks weren’t allowed at a certain point but why did she do what she did? She should have finished her drink first before entering! I even agree that the policemen and immigration should check whether or not she’s overstaying her stay since she wasn’t carrying her passport during the time of arrest. Now, she got arrested and I think deportation should follow after the incident. It should be a lesson that when you are in another country — please follow the rules! That also applies for Filipinos who will get deported for violating rules in other countries!

Unfortunately, the taho throwing incident done by this rude Chinese woman has attracted the attention of Filipino sinophobes as well. It’s really stupid at how some Filipinos can cry racist against foreigners all the while they are racist against foreigners themselves. Fortunately, there are some Filipinos who are angry with China are angry with it as a political entity — they even extend their sympathy to the oppressed Chinese people. While the incident is indeed very real but Filipinos who can’t follow simple guidelines don’t have any right to criticize her. A Filipino who would do what she did is no less guilty.

Unfortunately, Leni Loud Robredo’s tactlessness strikes again. While I do agree that what happened is bad but has she thought of possible racial tensions? This racial tension can affect not only between China and the Philippines (hence blowing all chances for peaceful coexistence) but also between Filipino-Chinese and Filipinos when they are both technically FILIPINO. Has Leni Loud even considered her late husband Jesse Robredo was also of Chinese descent and some of her peers such as the Aquinos and Cojuangcos are also of Chinese descent? Heck, I think her protest lawyer Romulo Macalinlang is also of Chinese descent too. Has she even forgotten that most of the Filipino-owned businesses are owned by Filipino-Chinese?

Filipinos can rejoice justice is being served but remember let’s not run into hasty generalizations about any race. After all, why cry foul if Filipinos are unfairly generalized if you’re a Filipino who’s found of unfairly generalizing other races?

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