Leni Loud Robredo’s Wish For Credibility-Based Politics IMPOSSIBLE In A Presidential System

There’s always the excuse of fearmongers to stick to the lousy presidential system such as that stupid 4Ps-obsessed old man, “It’s simple. It’s because we’ve already had hundred years experience in one and zero in another.” to making fake claims about the parliamentary system without doing any real research. Now Leni Loud Robredo of the Libertard Party says that popularity should be at the lower end of the spectrum in choice of candidate. Is she just making that excuse because well #OtsoDiretso doesn’t have the popularity that their predecessors once had?
So why is Leni Loud’s wish for popularity to be at the lower end of the spectrum impossible? It’s because presidential systems are ran on popularity over credibility. The majority is the most heard while the minority is usually forever forced into silence. How often do you see the Majority Bloc and Minority Bloc duke it out in a weekly question hour in a presidential system? How often do you see the president as Head of Government duke it out with the opposition leader? For example, how even did we see Noynoy Aquino and President Rodrigo R. Duterte face off against a formal opposition leader in a weekly debate? None! She can only get her wish if she supports shifting towards the parliamentary system.

How does the parliamentary put an end to the pasikatan contests? It’s because it’s credibility-driven. The weekly question hour in the Parliament between both Majority and Minority doesn’t only give a voice to both sides — it also forces everyone to be ready to answer each other. The current opposition in the Philippines is not unified — I don’t even see how #OtsoDiretso in its “quest for balance of powers” is even in agreement with other opposition members. The parliamentary votes by party system — those who get the majority votes get the Government Seat and those who get the minority votes get the Opposition Seat. The Philippines currently doesn’t have that setting.

Hmmm I guess Leni Loud is trying to make what can’t fly, fly with her request huh? 

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