Leni Loud Robredo’s Delayed Camarines Sur Visit

It’s reported that last January 2, 2019 that had Leni Loud Robredo finally visited Camarines Sur — the very province where Naga City of Bicol is located. But why the delay? You can think of the day that the Camarines Sur was hit by Typhoon Usman happened on December 30, 2018 or Rizal Day. So what was she doing?

We see that Leni Loud has her rather messed up priorities. You can see that she would rather do her Luneta Park pictorial than go to her hometown of Camarines Sur. If we count it, she’s already late by two days. She could have cancelled her photoshoot in Luneta to go to her hometown of Camarines Sur. But instead, she becomes #NasaanSiLeni with her inaction towards her own hometown. When it comes to disaster relief — it should be as snappy as possible. If the storm hit on December 30, 2018 then she should have gone there on December 31, 2018. So where was she? Celebrating New Year’s Eve while the rest of her folks at her home province are spending it in calamity? She should have gone there immediately — sacrificing her New Years’ Eve to help those who couldn’t celebrate it!
This should also bring back that time when Leah Navarro unfairly criticized President Rodrigo R. Duterte about missing the flag raising ceremony. I wonder if Leah herself is proud of Leni Loud’s decision to delay her visit to the latter’s hometown of Camarines Sur. President Duterte missing the flag raising ceremony was because of the Marawi Crisis. Leni Loud could’ve done the same for by skipping the Rizal Day rites for her hometown of Camarines Sur.
Now she’s there and I wonder if she’s just there for “pogi points” or is she really there out of concern? It’s too early to tell but why is she there now? Is she just there because of possible criticism that she got on social media? What do you think?

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