Leni Loud Robredo Shoots Her Own Foot While She Calls For Action VS Fake News

Unbelievable? Well yes it is! You’ve got Feeling Vice President or better said Fake Vice President Leni Loud Robredo shooting herself at the foot while she calls for action against fake news. Here’s an excerpt from the Manila Bulletin concerning her latest call:

As she constantly finds herself a target of malicious stories and “fake news,” Vice President Leni Robredo on Friday expressed support to Singapore’s call for action against misinformation and urged the administration to “take concrete steps” to address this problem.

Robredo expressed support for Singapore’s call for Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) member-states to “follow through on the bloc’s collective commitment to fight misinformation in the region.”

She noted that the fight against misinformation is “particularly important for us in the Philippines, as we continue to see fake news proliferate, impairing public discourse and contributing to the spread of false and inaccurate information among our people.”

Believing that “a well-informed citizenry is of utmost importance to our democracy,” Robredo urged the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte to “take concrete steps to address” the problem on misinformation. “This calls on all of us to stand against misinformation and fight to ensure that truth will always have space in our country’s conversations,” she added.

Robredo noted that the Duterte administration should be more active on the drive against misinformation using the ASEAN Framework and Joint Declaration to Minimize the Harmful Effects of Fake News – which was crafted at the 14th Conference of the ASEAN Ministers Responsible for Information (AMRI) in May 2018 – as a guide.

Isn’t it strange? Leni Loud herself is an AGENT of fake news herself. You can consider just how she has been spreading malicious agenda from her speech to the United Nations or her claim that she’s supposedly “alleviated poverty“– which is all but fake news. She’s been an agent of disinformation at many ways — such as supporting the likes of the Non-Inquirer, CRappler Pignoy Ako Blog, Change Scamming, Silent No More, Madam Claudia, Pepeng Makabayan, Vera Files, Facts Against Ignorance, #FactsMatterPH and other pages and sites that are currently maligning the current administration. 
What I find funnier is that she noted that the Duterte administration should be more active in driving against information. Hmmm is she believing her own lies? It should be very funny that it’s as if she’s telling the current administration to go against her for one reason — she’s an agent of disinformation and her fellow Yellows are spreading disinformation themselves. I mean, just remember how CRappler lied through their teeth that there were supposedly thousands who joined #WalkOutPh while CNN reported there were but hundreds who joined said walkout — don’t tell me that’s not fake news? It’s believable to be a hundred which may not even be half of a university campus’ population or if you count the total number of walkouts. 
It’s really amazing how Leni Loud herself is really shooting herself at the foot as she calls for action against fake news. Hmmm what’s next? Will Leni Loud herself get awarded by the same liberal organizations that awarded Leila De Lima, Maria Ressa and Etta Rosales? If so, not even that can save her from a crowd of angry Filipinos who may be more than ready to throw her into the trash bin!

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