Kris Aquino’s Victim Mentality, Attention Whoring And Sense Of Entitlement Are Her Three Biggest Illnesses

While I would consider it unethical and unprofessional to say to Kris Aquino things like “I hope you die soon!” or “When will you die so we will all celebrate?” — I think about how she should learn to keep as many details of her private life as possible to herself. I heard that she’s actually fighting some kind of lupus and her lawyer says it’s better she doesn’t let anyone know her full condition. But shouldn’t said lawyer have told her not to let anyone of her condition or that she’s better off staying away from the limelight? While it’s okay that she shares her pictures with friends or IF her Instagram were private — but it seems that she’s even using her check-ups to get attention huh? Shouldn’t check-ups and hospitalization be treated as confidential issues and that only people you’re close to are the ones who should know it?
What are her three illnesses that she was already diagnosed with? These three illnesses are namely her victim mentality (which was prevalent especially when her illicit relationships with maried men backfire on her face), attention whoring and her sense of entitlement. She was once the queen of the media and now she’s dethroned from it. Even her own home station ABiaS-CBN had spewed her out because of her spoiled brat behavior. If anything, ABiaS-CBN still has the right to spew her out because it’s owned by the Lopezes and NOT the Aquinos or Cojuangcos. I think she has become a liability already to ABiaS-CBN and people are probably too bored with Kris TV already. She further ruined her credibility during the Roxas campaign when she used the presidential chopper for her convenience. Right now, I wonder if she even thinks that she still has the people adoring and loving her. I even wonder does she expect fans to gather around the hospital as she gets checked in and out of it? She should have just kept details like her check-in and hospitalization as private as possible.

Kris’ situation almost reminds me of that stupid series called “Mula Sa Puso” (From the Heart) where the antagonist Selina Mattias eventually got lymphoma and you don’t feel sorry for her because of everything evil she did in the series. Did Selina decide to change her ways? The same old crazy bitch Selina still continued and persisted in her evil ways — still wanting to murder her own half-niece just to get her revenge on her paternal half-brother for her bad childhood. Selina was using her bad childhood and later her disease to further perpetuate her victim mentality and why she treats people badly. Doesn’t that sound similar to what Kris could be in right now? Kris is already having some kind of lupus yet she still may be persisting in her evil ways like Selina in that stupid series. This isa  word of warning that just because someone is sick — it doesn’t mean that they still can’t cause evil and it seems Kris is the living version of Selina from Mula Sa Puso. So don’t let your guard down just because she’s sick!

Kris relevance is either in its final moments of dying or one could say her relevance is dead even before she will inevitably be dead one of these days. Her long-running popularity from the 80s to the 90s doesn’t mean that her popularity is forever. If you don’t die young then you will grow old. It just reminded me of how Arnold Schwarzenegger (now an old man) appeared to have slept near his monument (which portrayed him in his prime) to portray the situation that your fame isn’t forever. There’s always such a thing as stepping away from the spotlight to make room for new talent. I guess she never wanted it to happen and wanted the spotlight forever — not wanting to give it to newer people. Maybe, talents in ABiaS-CBN already yanked it from her so spewing her out from said network is not a loss at all. I guess she was never prepared for the reality anybody’s popularity is fickle and ever-changing. She never put that lesson to heart. I guess she needs to reflect on why Arnold appeared to have slept near his monument to drive a point to today’s younger generation.

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