Just Where In The World Is Leni Loud Robredo’s Brain?

Well is it me or is Leni Loud Robredo really that STUPID when it comes to real life or is she even fit for political office? Anyone reading what Leni Loud just said has EVERY RIGHT to be baffled at just how STUPID Leni Loud can be as reported by News5 a few days ago:

A news website earlier reported that the vice president opposed the agency’s proposal lest it could be a source of corruption.

Piñol said that according to online news site Politics.Com.Ph, Robredo made the remark in her radio program last week following the visit of President Rodrigo Duterte to the flood-hit Bicol region, Robredo’s home province.

“Vice President Robredo’s reaction left me dumbfounded and wondering what other options should be considered,” Piñol said in a statement.

“By giving more weight on the possibility of corruption instead of the benefits that the dredging of the rivers will bring, Vice President Robredo has exposed a narrow-minded perspective of how government should work and operate,” he added.

The Cabinet official also said he believes that corruption involves people and not projects or agencies.

“So, the rivers should not be dredged because there could be corruption? The only other option is just to allow the floods to destroy crops and lives every year,” he said.

“If this is the kind of mindset our officials in government have, we will never be able to do anything or accomplish projects which would benefit our people,” he added.


Piñol also said the dredging of the Bicol River to ease flooding in the many towns in the region, which was suggested by Camarines Sur 2nd District Representative LRay Villafuerte, was a proposal he supported.

“I told President Duterte that the dredging project should also include other major river systems in the country like the Cagayan River, Pampanga River, Agusan River and the Rio Grande de Mindanao in Cotabato,” he wrote, noting that major rivers are heavily silted causing water to overflow and destroy farmlands during the rainy season.

“[It] would open up hundreds of thousands of rice farmlands to agriculture with the added benefit of excavating peat soil from the river beds which could be used to enrich the soil in the nearby farms,” he added.

In a previous Facebook post, Piñol said the move would help mitigate flooding incidents in the country especially in the agricultural valleys.

Leni Loud has a point but she’s missing the bigger point!

I don’t want to deny that Leni Loud may have a point that corruption may (or may not be) involved with infrastructure projects. I don’t want to deny that corruption was involved during the Marcos Years and the building of certain infrastructures — yet the Philippines still benefits from them like how the projects of Julius Caesar benefited the Roman Empire for a very long time. But Pinol now has the right to be baffled that Leni Loud’s logic with how she rejects long-term solutions and presumably wants to do short-term, band-aid solutions.
Pinol himself is already giving a good proposal of river-dredging which should at least get Leni Loud’s hometown ready for any future flooding calamity that may hit sooner or later. So is she once again politically motivated? What Leni Loud did actually reminds me of what former president Noynoy Aquino did to two major projects. It amazed me to think how some of House Speaker Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s projects were canceled out of spite. Also, the late Corazon Cojuangco-Aquino canceled the Bataan Power Plant project out of spite. She could have converted said power plant into a useful power plant — it doesn’t have to be a nuclear one. Gloria’s flood control project, Boracay rehabilitation proposal and Bataan Power Plant could’ve benefited Filipinos today. So is Leni Loud rejecting the project because not only was it suggested by Pinol but the idea originally came from a Villafuerte? Hmmm that’s a severe lack of professionalism there!
This is the difference between Leni Loud and Pinol. Pinol is thinking long-term solutions and what is Leni Loud thinking AGAIN by rejecting it? Is she thinking her folks are better off with more band-aid solutions that will complicate because there’s the possibility of corruption? Canceling a useful project out of spite is always stupid because in work ethics — put all personal feelings aside and focus on the job. Leni Loud is thinking short-term if she’s rejecting the project because it came from a Villafuerte or from anyone not on her side. Pinol accepted said proposal for river dredging even if the one who gave the suggestion came from the political party where Antonio Trillanes IV comes from. It seems that Leni Loud may still be keeping grudges that she would rather let her hometown drown than accept help from outside huh?

So what is Leni Loud really suggesting to her people from her hometown? Is she even saying that it’s better to let the whole province sink in the flood than to get possible projects because they could be tied in to corruption? It’s just like deciding to destroy the San Juanico Bridge which still benefits people in Tacloban today all because it was tied to corruption. So I guess going by their logic — President Duterte should demolish the Mactan International Airport’s second terminal because it was tied to Noynoy. Would it hurt more to spend to carry out a river-dredging project than to spend money fixing on damage done by the floods? I wonder if Leni Loud even thought of that. It’s almost like deciding to make a one-shot easy money deal than to think of perpetuating the cash flow in the long run. It could also be comparable not paying a huge amount to have doctors fix your injuries and choosing to fix them with band-aids when the latter never works!

Going by Leni Loud’s logic then I guess the Philippine government and its various units should just stop having projects altogether. Garbage collection, sewage projects, infrastructures and anything else that should benefit should not be carried out because they could be tied to corruption. So I guess it’s better to let the Philippines rot than to have projects because the could be tied to corruption. So seriously, where did Leni Loud leave her brain? 

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