Just IGNORE PIGNoy Ako Blog Completely

Well congratulations to Jover Laurio as she’s about to tie the knot with her fiance this month. However, it’s really something that some Duterte supporters (or better yet, Dutertards) have already stooped down to her level by actually berating her wedding which has a Dilawan star-studded cast with its list of sponsors. I support policies more than people. A good example is that I agree with President Duterte’s desire for constitutional reform, firecracker control policy, curfew for minors policy, anti-drug policy but he needs to learn to exercise self-control.

Why should you even spend time commenting and even ARGUING with her and her supporters on PIGNoy Ako Blog or its Facebook page and stoop down to the level of Jover? It’s a total waste of time because of her lack of credibility. They know better that her credibility is already shrinking. Sure, they can go ahead and still criticize her stupidity but attacking her in her territory is like attacking a lion in its den without proper support. Best way to deal with this swine is to avoid arguing with her or even better to just ignore her stupidity completely. What she wants is direct attention so why give it to her?

So why even bother answering her stupid posts? Why even bother arguing with her when she will just declare herself the winner even when you have the facts to disprove her? All she will do is to drag you down to her level and beat you with her experience! You can have all the facts to disprove her but she’s suffering from the Duning-Kruger effect so why even bother with her? The same goes for her supporters. It’s best to avoid direct confrontation with her and her supporters as they will just drag you down to their level and beat you up with her experience.

The real aim is not to be solid President Duterte supporter but to support his desire for constitutional reform. It’s better to just ignore the trolls whether they are paid or not. If they happen to be paid then think about it — they may soon lose their purpose with less people directly responding to their stupidity. They can’t fire back intelligent answers so why bother with it? The same goes for PIGNoy Ako Blog — just IGNORE IT COMPLETELY!

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