Jover Laurio Better PROVE Her Claims Concerning #DuterteWaterCrisis

Jover Laurio is one arrogant and dangerous wild pig of a monster isn’t she? There’s one thing that intelligent or at least average minded people fail to see — just because a person is very stupid doesn’t mean that such people can’t cause harm. Remember, stupid people can easily influence other stupid people to rally with them, they can come in groups against one intelligent person (and bully said person) AND I guess this is what Laurio does. Just look at most of the people who comment at Pignoy Ako Blog — they are really that stupid and the site is a lobbyist for morons!

Now it’s time to dare to challenge her to prove her claims in the #DuterteWaterCrisis. So what’s her source? She used CRappler which fortunately didn’t twist anything this time…

Let’s just face it — it seems that Jover herself is insinuating or implying that President Duterte himself caused the crisis and decided to let people suffer. Here’s a statement I copied from her blog…

Nagtataka lang po ako, puwede niyo naman palang solusyunan, bakit naghintay pa kayo ng ilang araw maghirap ang mga tao?

Kung sakaling masolve etong water crisis niyo sa maghapon, mukhang tama ang duda ng iba. Baka nga staged crisis lang ito.

In English it would mean:

I am wondering that there is a solution so why did you wait for many days where people are suffering?

If the crisis could be solved so easily from sunrise to unset, it looks right that the doubt of others that this is a staged crisis.

This is one thing that people should dare Laurio — it’s to PROVE HER CLAIMS or defend the claim that it’s really a staged crisis. So let’s get this straight — just because President Duterte is the president doesn’t mean he has that absolute power to order Manila Water and Mayniland to release water from Angat Dam. Now it’s time to consider who owns Manila Water and Maynilad. Do a Google search and you will find that both Manila Water and Maynilad are OLIGARCH OWNED COMPANIES. Manila Water is owned by the Ayala Corporation and Maynilad currently has Ramoncito Fernandez as its CEO. It looks like that there was really an intentional sabotage because these oligarchs can no longer bear the idea of losing their stronghold over the majority of Filipinos.

It looks like both Maynilad and Manila Water companies most likely engineered the crisis themselves and that President Duterte DID NOT make his announcement as public as possible. This is possibly another attempt to make President Duterte look bad and the Liberal Party look good. Also, if I’m not wrong there was no advanced warning either — if that were true then there is more proof of a well-planned sabotage. Why do I even think of a sabotage? Remember when President Duterte included in his agenda the desire for economic liberalization? This would allow foreign water companies to do business in the Philippines — which in turn will force both Maynilad and Manila Water to give better services. But it doesn’t seem to be in the agenda of both companies — not especially if they are oligarchs!

Does this ugly swine demand President Duterte to magically solve the crisis? If she can’t lose weight then she will blame President Duterte. Let there be a drought and she will blame President Duterte. Let a typhoon destroy her home and she will blame President Duterte. Also, has she been ignoring ALL the problems of the Yellow Years (2010-2016) such as the MRT breakdown, the DSWD scandal and many more to mention? It’s safe to assume that according to Laurio that everything under President Duterte is bad and everything bad under the Yellows are good, right? And what’s her next solution? Demand President Duterte to sit down and let Leni Loud Robredo solve the Manila Water Crisis?

Hmmm… leaves room for thought, right?

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