Joma Sison Hates Free Markets But Hides In Free Market Switzerland

It looks like peace talks with the New People’s Army aren’t going to work after all, huh? Jose Maria Sison or Joma Sison for short is a guy who founded the New People’s Army. He is most likely linked to funding and supporting several Filipino activist groups (such as Bayad Muna, Akbayad, Gagabriela, Migraine International, Anak Patis, etc.) is in Switzerland. Whoever says Switzerland has a protectionist economy has to be dreaming — that country has benefited from free market for several years!

Communism is indeed very anti-capitalist. Capitalism is defined as where a country’s trade and industry are mostly controlled or owned by private owners for profit. Communism seeks to destroy that and replace it with public ownership and welfare state mentality. That’s why you have people like Toady Casino, Neri Colmenares and Renato Reyes Jr. who oppose the idea of opening up the Philippine economy to free trade. They would start with fear-mongering with lies such as that only foreign investors will get rich or that they will destroy all local Filipino businesses in the process. These have been proven false as some communist countries in the world have begun to open up the economy such as China and Vietnam.

If Sison is to really be consistent about his hatred for anti-capitalism and economic protectionism they why didn’t he decide to hide in North Korea or Venezuela? Those are two countries that are consistently crashing down because of their excessive restrictions on foreign investment. Switzerland is democratic and capitalist. You have to admit that he’s indeed a laughing stock and should be categorized as what he is — a SENILE OLD FOOL!

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