It’s Better For Chito Gascon To Serve As Antonio Trillanes IV’s Lawyer Than As CHR’s IRRESPONSIBLE Chairman

Will somebody please shove the rules of what the Commission of Human Rights (CHR) is supposed to do on his face? Having an idiot like Chito Gascon in the CHR is an absolute liability for this reason — he doesn’t even do the job that CHR is required to do. It was meant to investigate all forms of human rights violations — whether political rights or civil rights. It wasn’t originally meant to operate to only go against state agents who as broken the law such as policemen who abuse their authority. It was supposed to investigate all forms of human rights violation regardless who does it. 

Right now, he even says he wants to make sure that he will save Trillanes from President Duterte’s hands. Here’s what — he’s better off acting as Trillanes’ legal counsel than serving as the CHR chairman. He should just resign from CHR and serve as Trillanes’ lawyer in court should he get arrested. Why should he be at CHR? He’s not even doing his job as its chairman. He should be doing his work of check and balance in Philippine society — not using his position for his own personal needs and for the Liberal Party’s needs. CHR should be independent and non-partisan but that’s not the case of CHR under him.

What would be nice to see Gascon try his best to defend Trillanes’ amnesty in court. After all, this guy has been defective as CHR’s chairman. He hasn’t even made some work against state agents who have committed atrocities either. Instead, he now chooses to side with state agents who have done violations against the law such as Dr. Janet Garin and currently Trillanes. It’d be entertaining to see him serve as Trillanes’ lawyer should the latter be arrested. It’d be fun to see him make a fool out of himself defending Trillanes before the court while the government can start to find a suitable replacement for this clown.

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