Is Pignoy Ako Blog Roasted?

The “legacy” of Jover Laurio’s quick rise to fame and her crash this year is something. Do you remember when she became the “Filipino of the Year” in 2017? I found that blog to be so stupid and yet Maria Ressa even wants to call it “well-researched“. I may not be a journalist but I know that Pinoy Ako Blog is NOT well-researched! I may just be a minor blogger but it doesn’t mean I have no right to express my views on the Internet with whatever limited knowledge I have.

So how is Laurio chewing herself before she got leaked for actually receiving #PABoost? She said that she’s “non-partisan” yet her actions show that she’s actually a staunch supporter of the Liberal Party. I could respect other Duterte critics for actually being non-partisan and not trying to do fear-mongering — rather they stick with the facts unlike what Pinoy Ako Blog is doing. While I don’t approve of what Nicko Falcis did by leaking their private conversation — but somehow she was asking for it. By actually lying that President Duterte’s supporters are supposedly paid by the Malacanang yet where was her supporting evidence of such claim? Yet, there’s already leaks of her getting #PABoost from who could be none other than Kris Aquino herself!

This would also be considered the hypocrisy and irony. According to Get Real Philippines — she even tried to violate the privacy rights of Get Real Philippines. The Internet is a space where you have the right to or not to actually use your real name. Some writers publish different books under different names (such as Lucky Starr was written by Isaac Asimov as “Paul French”) or two — some names are too generic so they choose a screen name. The only time that one’s personal information must be dug out is if said person has been doing illegal activities — I guess Laurio would qualify for that! She could probably be skewered by the cybercrime law for actually trying to reveal private information about the people at Get Real Philippines. It’s just like trolls in the Internet who comment as Anonymous demanding any blogger myself to show their private lives but they are in fact, Anonymous! So why demand someone to show themselves if you’re doing it anonymously?

Laurio playing the victim and projecting herself as “penniless” further ruined her credibility. Nothing is wrong with getting sponsorship either. Some bloggers who aim to be big may admit that they do get sponsorship from others. Don’t media stations have sponsors like a certain show is sponsored by McDonald’s? Google has several sponsors such as that Adsense is paid for my companies to advertise their products and services using Adwords. Also, some sponsors do have the right to remain silent or unknown for privacy reasons. Yet claiming she has no sponsors and being non-partisan while her actions says otherwise condemns her more than her secretly having sponsors or getting #PABoost. Nothing is wrong with #PABoost but why she claimed she had none while she had it is what ruined her credibility — not #PABoost itself! It’s highly possible that the “well-organized” #TindigPilipinas is now on its way to ruin like a team of opposing super villains who will inevitably destroy each other. Sometimes, it’s better not to engage with her directly and like Sun Tzu says, “Attack the weaknesses and not the strengths.” — such as criticizing her from afar because you know she will drag you down to her level and beat you with experience if you directly confront her!

It may only be a matter of time before Stephen Sackur would probably really invite her on BBC HARDtalk. The show is indeed devoted to what you’d call for people with interesting stories to tell. Right now, she has a very interesting story to tell. If it should be a tale of betrayal — she may end up revealing how she was betrayed by her own camp. She may not even be the most guilty and like Eduardo Culangco and Janet Lim Napoles — who know she may end up as another state witness that will reveal all the dirty laundry of her masters!

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