Is IBC-13 Planning To Re-Air Dragon Quest Anime Series All Over Again While Japan Will Be Airing Ryusoulger?

Tomorrow is the airing of Kishinryu Sentai Ryusoulger’s first episode. Then I think about IBC-13 again — a network that was once part of my childhood but I felt it also helped ruin it. How? I did mention how they aired several shows over and OVER AGAIN until it got really boring. I never got to see how Bioman, Maskman, Turboranger and many other shows end. That was just SUCKY and I just feel like WTF. Now with the plan to re-air classic Anime — I just feel like they’re re-airing the Dragon Quest Anime while tomorrow in Japan — Ryusoulger will finally air its first episode!
So what’s wrong with this one? If TV stations want to survive then they should learn the lesson from what happened to ABiaS-CBN’s Hero TV. Hero TV just keep re-airing and re-airing old shows with no diversification whatsoever. A good example is that they could have aired both SPD and Dekaranger but they didn’t. They could have aired Golion and Lion Voltron but they didn’t. Instead, it was so limited in its choices that its decline came from a lack of diversification.
So what if Dragon Quest Anime is reairing? I don’t care if it’s either Adventures of Dai OR Abel’s Legacy. It’s freaking 2019! I may still enjoy watching old school shows but I’d rather watch them at my pace. Also, aren’t those Anime series already that old? It’s freaking 30 years already and I don’t know if any child would still want to watch it. Adults? Maybe for nostalgia purposes but I doubt it children today will watch it. That’s why certain series get rebooted sooner or later because of a new generation of audience. I guess that’s what’s happening with Super Sentai and Kamen Rider having changes here and there to cater to a new audience and not get stuck in the 90s like Neo-Saban’s era of Power Rangers!
The countdown is now as Ryusoulger is already airing tomorrow on TV-Asahi in Japan. It’d be so pathetic if IBC-13 would still want to re-air Dragon Quest: Adventures of Dai all over again. I guess more children would be more interested in having the Ryusoulgers teach them how to dance and use the Ryusoul Swords! Just imagine tomorrow may have children waking up to meet the RPG-inspired heroes — all the while IBC-13 may still be planning to re-air the old school Dragon Quest anime. 

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