Is ABiaS-CBN Now Even Blaming President Duterte For The Earthquake In Bali?

Well I don’t care if ABiaS-CBN doesn’t like President Duterte or that they are critical of him or anybody who they don’t side with. However, there’s the journalism principle that news is news and you have to be FAIR and UNBIASED when it comes to delivering the facts. They can go ahead and like Noynoy Aquino or the Yellows better — however they must be impartial with their delivery of their news and not be biased. Unfortunately, ABS-CBN deserves to be called as ABiaS-CBN because of it being biased towards anybody who doesn’t support their political views. After all, think that they only aired Jim Paredes’ side of the story of the EDSA 2017 incident but NOT the side of the Duterte Youth members in said area.
Now they even want to blame President Duterte for something beyond his control. Is it me or is ABiaS-CBN now telling us that President Duterte’s arrival caused an earthquake to hit Bali when he arrived? It’s no better than Jover Laurio’s Pinoy Ako Blog where she blames President Duterte for the TRAIN law. Sadly, some Filipinos even were stupid enough to buy it hook, line and sinker because of their lack of basic knowledge in economics. Don’t tell me that President Duterte has power over the supernatural now when he’s just human? The event is a coincidence and nothing more. 
So what’s next? Will they blame President Duterte for all the natural disasters beyond his control all the while he and his administration are preparing Filipinos to be better prepared for them? ABiaS-CBN may soon run out of more supporters in that case now that their yellow dirty laundry is very much widely exposed now. 

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