How Long Can Senator Antonio Trillanes IV Last Under A Parliamentary System?

Perhaps one of the reasons why Antonio Trillanes IV is against the shift to parliamentary is because he may not be able to survive it. It just entered my mind with the question of whether or not he could even survive a parliamentary system’s set-up for this reason.
Let’s just face it that the Parliamentary system has two sides that will always answer to each other other. Unlike the presidential system — a parliamentary system puts the Prime Minister in direct scrutiny and control of Senators and Ministers. The president in the parliamentary system serves as a key unifying figure to help unite the people. The prime minister on the other hand is the one who holds the highest position in the land followed by a deputy prime minister.

The whole set-up of the Parliament has the Prime Minister as a direct audience. Remember how often Trillanes made his bogus statements against President Duterte? It wouldn’t be much possible under a parliamentary system because there would be grilling from both sides. It doesn’t matter which side he belongs to because he will have to substantiate his claims against the prime minister and explain why he’s siding with Deputy Prime Minister Leni Robredo.

If he can’t substantiate his claims then he can’t use whatever achievements he had or scholarships to defend his possible removal from the parliament. Frequent scrutiny would have probably unveiled whatever secret activities he’s been up to. Also, would have the Philippines been turned from presidential to parliamentary — he may never even been allowed to be part of it in the first place.

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