How Can Leni Robredo Expect To Lead The Philippines If She Can’t Even Follow Simple Guidelines?

One of the rules of doing international business is respecting and adapting to cultural boundaries. If you can’t fit into the culture because it goes against your principles as a businessman then you might as well forget doing business in that country! Unfortunately, Leni Robredo just went to the Kuwait where it’s expected that women should be wearing long dresses and a head covering. Instead, what did she do? As usual, she shows that she’s not EVEN following simple guidelines. Queen Elizabeth and House Speaker Gloria Macapagal Arroyo went there following the rules. It’s just like if you’re requested to remove your footwear before entering a certain place such as a Japanese or South Korean home then do it. But for her — she seems to act like she’s exempt from the rules.

I remembered how I always love to emphasize “How can you expect progress if people don’t even follow simple guidelines?” That’s exactly the problem with Leni herself — she doesn’t even bother to follow simple guidelines. There’s the quote that says, “He who can’t obey can’t command.” which is said by many people. If Leni can’t even obey simple guidelines then how can she expect to become an effective leader for the Philippines? She can’t because the first step to becoming a good manager or leader is for you to learn how to obey simple guidelines before you can enforce them on others!

So much for the so-called decency of the Liberal Party!

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