Hatsune Miku really dials up the sex appeal at Winter Wonder Festival 2019

News by Matt S.

Wonder Festival happens twice per year in Japan, and it's an opportunity for the various hobby companies that produce figures for anime characters and the like to come along and share with the public what they're working on. The E3 of plastic collectibles, if you will.

This year's show was no different, with piles of figures from the Fate franchise, less popular anime properties, and video games were all revealed to the public. There was everything from Persona 5 to Bungo Stray Dogs, and even a figure of the lead character from Sekiro… which just goes to show how everyone's expecting FromSoftware's not-yet-released ninja game to be a raging success.

Hatsune Miku is always well represented at these events, and this year was no different (As someone who has an obsession with collecting all the Mikus, I actually have around seven Miku figures to look forward to from the last Wonder Festival). What is different this year is how almost all the figures are based on the Racing Miku sub-series. For those who don't follow along, Good Smile Company, the premier producer of anime-based figures, sponsors a car in the Japanese GT competition, and uses Hatsune Miku for the decal and merchandising opportunities.

Now, Racing Miku's where the fans come for a spot of fan service with their beloved vocaloid. Each year Good Smile Company commissions a different Racing Miku design, but they're always similar in that each year design is about showing off Miku's lovely long legs, her bare midriff, her chest, and so on. Usually the Racing Miku designs are balanced out by more elegant stuff, like the Snow Miku sub-series, or individual projects such as the wedding dress Miku or symphony Miku that are on the way, but this year, for whatever reason, is almost all about the raunch.

Which is fine by me. I do like the "Miku the sex kitten" aesthetic, personally. So, without further words, here's all the Mikus (and one Rin) announced at this year's Winter Wonder Festival!

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