Happy Birthday Noynoy Aquino!

Noynoy Aquino is indeed 59 almost 60 years old but there’s one thing that we can’t deny — he’s growing older but definitely not wiser. While I don’t want to dismiss the good that Noynoy did such as the 29 economic reforms but he could have just immediately removed the 60/40 entirely. Now we could consider the whole problem of how Daang Matuwid was not without its problems that are but a result of the defective 1987 Constitution
Let’s consider the failures of Daang Matuwid and what went wrong under Noynoy. We could consider these problems still carried over until today results of Daang Matuwid or more importantly the presidential system: 
  1. The MRT and LRT deterioration under the watch of Joseph Emilio Pabaya. This also caused very much heavy traffic in Manila as a result.
  2. DSWD relief operations were not efficient as some crazy old man would say it. If you think it’s efficient then I challenge you to eat nothing but expired food everyday. The whole process of relief operations was nothing more than neglected. Worse, why didn’t he dismiss both Stinky Soliman and Mar Roxas who misappropriated funds?
  3. The SAF-44 incident as a result of disorganized planning. They lost 44 troops all in one day and it was just one person. The whole Marawi incident lost only 1-2 persons per day for several months which was a much bigger problem.
  4. The Bureau of Customs’ problem is even sky high until now. There was so much corruption under Alberto Looney and now even President Duterte can’t figure out how to clean up customs! 
  5. Protecting former health secretary Janet Garin for both the de-worming fiasco and now the Dengvaxia fiasco. Worse, Garin even said that the garbage imported from Canada wasn’t harmful.
  6. Applying only band-aid solution to the Tanim Bala incident. He could have proposed to put security cameras in places like in Davao Airport. He could have learned a thing or two from his former partymate Rodrigo R. Duterte and apply it during his term.
  7. Not working on the anti-flood program that Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo wanted to use was just stupid. He could have implemented said anti-flood program during his administration just like he continued many of Gloria’s reforms that allowed him to improve the Philippines’ credit rating.
The Yellowtards decide to even fail President Duterte immediately after the problem was too big to handle? Did they forget that many problems that happened today is also a result of the Noynoying years? I wonder do the Yellowtards just agree with everything the Aquinos do regardless whether or not it’s right or wrong? They even seem to condone to the mistakes of Noynoy and his peers. They even want to honor the obviously fraudulent 25% shaded ballots in favor of Leni Loud Robredo. They just care about their own convenience and not for the Philippines. 
Anyway what are your wishes for Noynoy on his very special day today? 

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