Extended Vacations: It’s More Fun In The Philippines

Even before President Rodrigo R. Duterte, even before former president Noynoy Aquino and maybe even before the rise and fall of Ferdinand E. Marcos Sr. — there was already the problem of Filipinos who love to take extended vacations. Today, it’s a day after the New Year and yet I’ve heard that some people are still taking their extended vacations.

What does it mean to take an extended vacation? It’s like you take a vacation longer than you should or that was allotted to you. For example, you know that the next working day (Monday to Friday) after Christmas Day or New Year’s Day is usually a working day. Long weekends should only given if there’s a working day in between two holidays. Unfortunately, you it that December 27, 2018 came in and guess what — some government offices are understaffed because many of the employees are still having extended vacations thus putting what could have been done today for January 2019!

This is really the problem of not following simple guidelines. How can you expect progress in the government and private sectors if its employees (and even employers) also don’t follow simple guidelines? It could also be a result of people who are overworked and underpaid causing people to prefer to take extended vacations because their superiors also don’t follow simple guidelines. It seems that the extended vacation is a way of rebelling. It’s also a way of being lazy or having “I just don’t care.” mentality especially when you’re in an environment where both the diligent and the lazy are still paid the same wages.

The solution is not merely in firing people from their posts and getting replacements. While firing lousy people is part of the solution — it’s not a panacea. Putting competent people to replace incompetent people in an incompetent system will just repeat the same damage. There should be reasonable incentives such as performance-based salary, not overworking staff and making sure you have a safe and secure work environment as a way to greatly reduce the incidents of extended vacations.

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