Exploding Rage Against Tagalog-Dubbed Tokusatsu

I remembered how often I wrote about the really bad dubs of K-Drama — heck, I didn’t even want to watch that super awful dub of either Secretary Kim or While You Were Sleeping. Neither GMA-7 nor ABiaS-CBN did a good job dubbing them. But the history isn’t just limited to the 2000s but also back in the 90s when I remembered some Toku dubs such decades back such as Maskman, Turboranger, Jetman, Fiveman, Ultraman Tiga, Kamen Rider Black, Gavan, Shaider, Machineman, Guyferd, Janperson, Koseidon and Ultraman Ace to name a few. I remembered I used to look forward to watching them until I started watching the fan subs and realized a lot of stuff that was wrong with it!
Adding so many unnecessary words or romanticizing said dialogues

Turboranger doesn’t have a complete fan sub and it may only be a matter of time before Shout! Factory may decide to make a licensed release. I could talk about the first episode of Turboranger and what I could remember. Do you remember the scene when the first three generals were released namely Zimba, Jarmin and Rehda? They simply said their titles such as “Dark Boma Zimba!”, “Dark Princess Jarmin!” and “Demon Professor Rehda!” in Japanese — but the Tagalog had to do something as stupid as, “Ako si Zimba ang pinakamatapang sa lahat!” (I am Zimba, the bravest of them all!) which was completely unnecessary. So really, why does the Tagalog dub have to add a mouthful of words that wasn’t even necessary? Rehda wans’t even bragging about his intelligence in the Japanese dialogue so why make him do that in Tagalog?
With that in mind — I even wonder how they’d actually continue to create more unnecessary dialogue. I remembered the time I actually joked about GMA-7 and that they may even air Kamen Rider Drive voiced by the cast of Tsuperhero or worse if they decide to air Kyuranger voiced by selected Zaidorks cast members (though one of the main cast has died). I mean, could you imagine if the narration done in Kamen Rider Drive’s first episode would include so many flowery words that the original narration never had in the Tagalog dub? You may even lose interest and tell the narrator to STFU. You could also imagine what if Kyuranger would soon make Shou Ronpou tell the Kyurangers to honor the heroism of the Zaidorks in the Tagalog dub. That’s just some hypothetical scenarios that I developed based on how bad the dubs really are!
Getting out many important plot points due to a lack of research

I remembered how I never knew of Igam’s masquerade that she’s a woman raised to be a man — something that didn’t sit with her well. She was wearing very manly armor and if you can’t read Japanese then maybe, you never knew of her true gender until episodes later. But the Tagalog dub of Maskman completely IGNORED that plot. I remembered that episode that Igam’s helmet flew off, revealing her long hair (though actress Mina Asami was just wearing a wig) and she got frustrated. It didn’t make sense if the Maskmen knew she was a woman all along. But the original script where people thought she was a man was necessary. The whole episode just felt “HUH?!” because the Tagalog dub forgot the whole episode. 
The Bioman Filipino-English dub had many important plot points missed. One of them would be seen in the 19th and 20th episodes of Bioman. Do you remember when Doctor Man’s “son” Prince showed up? Many vital plots were removed such as that Prince was introduced as the son of Doctor Man, Mason was shocked that Doctor Man was human (and in the real script, he was impressed by the Prince’s genius — not a hidden rival to said person), that Ryuta was actually a former bully and not a former victim of bullying (hence giving more sense to Ryuta speaking about his mother’s tears) and that the end conversation revolved around the possibility that Doctor Man really has a family — that Prince was created because the villain didn’t know where his family was. All of that was flushed down the drain in Telesuccess’ Bioman dub! Then later, Silver’s first appearance had another important plot removed — Silver doesn’t want the other half the Bio Particles but to annihilate its existence! Need I mention that they made Peebo who is a male a female? 
Lifeless and OA dubbing is the norm

Need I mention how the Tagalog dubbing feels like zombies did the dubbing? As much as I usually prefer the Japanese voice but at least Dragon Ball Z’s American-English dub is respectable! The Tagalog dub goes to several levels of horrendous. Right now, I even remember how badly voiced Toku villains really were in the Tagalog dubs — they all lose their threatening air! It’s like how I thought the dubber of Ragorn in Turboranger (and presumably he’s the same dubber for the Creation King in Kamen Rider Black) couldn’t even how well the late Takeshi Watabe did these villains! They just feel like that they are just reading to memorize the scripts!

The other problem is that lifeless dubbing get accompanied by overacting dubbing. Is it me or is the OA culture that prevalent for a long time? I remembered one reason why I soon started stopped watching local dubs of Kamen Rider last decade was also the OA dubbing also plaguing it. I could remember how some of the heroes and villains sound like Kris Aquino or maybe dubbers are even forced to be OA by the staff. The OA is no less excruciating than the lifeless dubs!


I may not be a big Toku fan. Right now, I’m not really big into Toku these days even if I could enjoy new school entries such as new school Kamen Rider. It took me years before I knew who Kazuo Niibori was until Akibaranger. Yet, it doesn’t mean I don’t have the right to at least complain about the bad dubs.

Pretty much, what do you REALLY hate about Tagalog-dubbed Tokusatsu? 

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