Coming Soon To Theaters: Eskapo 2

I remembered watching the film “Eskapo” when I was 10 years old in Civics and Culture class — though it was edited because of some questionable content. The plot of the movie was based on the arrest of Serge Osmena and Eugenio Lopez Jr. of ABiaS-CBN during the Marcos Years. While I don’t want to deny that the Marcos Years were not the golden years — nobopdy can deny that ABiaS-CBN is no better than Marcos censorship. What’s the use of criticizing Marcos as a censorship freak when the Yellows censor out anything that does’t agree with them?

Eskapo should get a sequel called Eskapo 2 because of two bozos who were involved in two failed mutinies namely Congressman Gary Alejano and Senator Antonio “Sonny” Trillanes IV. It would probably cover up the incidents involving the two failed incidents up to whatever nonsense both Alejano and Trillanes will be up to. Right now, one can say the plot of Eskapo 2 is still brewing since Trillanes is yet to attempt escape from the Senate Building which has become the Sotto Hotel.

I still laugh at the idea that Trillanes refuses to get out of the Senate Building then he’s willing to go to Davao City to face his libel charges. With all the high technology right now — I don’t think it’s going to be impossible for Trillanes to call for a helicopter with Alejano on board. He would probably use the Senate Building’s window to escape to Davao City where he plans to confront former mayor Paolo Duterte. 
Regardless, I could imagine how Eskapo 2 will end up becoming a family friendly film instead. The first movie last 1995 wasn’t family friendly. But the upcoming movie may end up becoming a comedy blockbuster. One could imagine a movie where Ogie Alcasid and Michael V may portray said characters. If we’re lucky — maybe Willie Nepomuceno will be President Duterte in said film. Either way, it may end up with both Trillanes and Alejano having a failed escape. 

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