Coming Soon To Theaters: A Dangerous Life 2

Last year, I wrote a sarcasm post where it says that democracy truly died last September 21, 2017. Since there are some people who are now comparing Antonio Trillanes IV to Ninoy Aquino and since it’s September 21 — why not add a little bit of humor once more to make fun of martial law crybabies (who still blame the atrocities of the Marcos Years for everything wrong today) and make room for the “new Ninoy Aquino” himself. Now it’s time to give a hypothetical scenario of “A Dangerous Life” getting a sequel called “A Dangerous Life 2”. 

I remembered watching an edited version of said film. Yup, torture and murder scenes were deleted from said VHS tape because it was treated as an educational material. I could remember how it talked about the Marcos Years and why they weren’t the golden years of the Philippines. It also featured the assassination of Ninoy Aquino at the Manila International Airport. But now, it looks like said film will be getting a sequel. We had Ninoy in the past and now we have Trillanes in the present to be the “hero” of the film.

We already know about the Oakwood Mutiny and Manila Peninsula Siege. We also had the Plaza Miranda Bombing and Light a Fire Movement. As much as I don’t want to consider Ferdinand E. Marcos Sr. as a hero (and neither is Carlos P. Garcia to whom he’s buried next near to so I don’t have any qualms if Noynoy Aquino gets buried in the Libingan Ng Mga Bayani) yet are those activities justifiable? Marcos may have been a dictator but he did the right thing in actually apprehending both activities. The same goes for the Oakwood Mutiny and Manila Peninsula Siege — they weren’t acts of heroism either. Just because Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo had some anomalies didn’t justify two incidents that placed the WHOLE PUBLIC in danger.

Some may imagine President Rodrigo R. Duterte as “Marcos” and Trillanes as “Ninoy”. Some have said that Trillanes is just “Talk and Talk“. Others say that Ninoy was just someone who refused to shut up and ranted on and on. However, the difference was that Ninoy said some rather relevant things such as the ill effects of Marcos’ crony capitalism or misuse of martial law while Trillanes is only ranting more nonsense. However, Trillanes’ call for arrest is not at all an act of political persecution. Would you really want a dangerous man like Trillanes running lose and in the Senate? Why should any president put himself in danger to a mad man like Trillanes? Trillanes shouldn’t even be considered a critic of President Duterte but some who’s about to destabilize the current administration.

So how is “A Dangerous Life 2” getting filmed? There’s the filming in the Senate Building or should it be renamed as the Hotel Sotto. Trillanes is now having press conferences with the Philippine news networks. He’s now playing the victim all over again. Also, granting him amnesty for those two major coups is just dumb and dumber. Why should mutineers be declared as heroes? Should the mutineers of today be automatically declared as heroes of tomorrow. As much as I’m not agreeing too much with Get Real Philippines but here’s something they said about the rebels of today becoming the heroes of tomorrow:

Probably it was just “love at FIRST sight” the SECOND two delusional incompetents BS Aquino the THIRD and A Trillanes the FOURTH realized their common treasonous interests; but granting amnesties so liberally sends a completely wrong message out to all would-be aspiring rebels. In the Philippines, staging a rebellion is not something you even have to think thrice on anymore knowing that a failed uprising/mutiny/coup d’etat would only translate to a short tax-payer-paid vacation in detention during the incumbent’s term of office. Not only does it mean rebels can just so easily get off the hook, it means rebellion is extremely politically rewarding, especially considering the amount of media mileage (free election campaign marketing) these enemies of the state get.

Right now, the whole sequel of A Dangerous Life is still filmed. But sooner or later, I think the filming will wrap up. When the filming is done — it would certainly be different from the decades old film about the Marcos Years. Instead, it will end up becoming rated comedy. Who knows it may even be a blockbuster hit after all!

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