Better Be Ready For The Possibility That Agnes Callamard Will Help Politicize Christine Silawan’s Death

There is nothing wrong with foreigners giving feedback to other countries but the problem of people like Agnes Callamard and the European Union is when they play partisan politics. Do you remember when Akbayad member Tom Villarin hired foreigners to help rally his cause? Do you know that Renato Reyes Jr. of Bayad Muna went to the International Criminal Court to file charges against President Duterte? So much for being so “nationalistic” huh? Now I do suspect that there is about to be a grand scheme to use the death of Christine Silawan, label it as a “state-sponsored extrajudicial killing” AND use it against President Duterte’s administration.
So why am I bringing Callamard? Callamard shows how often she leaps before she looks or how partisan she is. She was invited by President Duterte to investigate the issues yet she chose to show her partisan politics by siding with Chito Gascon and Maria Ressa. Last month, Callamard even went as far as to defend Ressa again and called the arrest as “intolerable”. Did she even bother to investigate why Ressa was getting arrested? I wonder did she she even realize that Wilfredo Keng was suing CRappler for a heavy charge of defamation that nearly caused an innocent person his life? Did she even consider that CRappler had several violations and it’s not an issue of freedom of speech.

What was proven by Rigobert Tiglao from Manila Times was that Callamard herself was given five star accommodations and fare fees by none other than Gascon himself. Gascon was the one who invited Callamard and has used tax money for his own selfish purposes. However, I doubt it that she would be invited for free. Just think do you think that accommodating her stay and fee is just enough? There’s still what you’d call the service fee. After all, it’s not easy for Callamard to fly from the U.S. to fly to the Philippines, right?

If Callamard should ever arrive in the Philippines then here’s some advice she can take from a common blogger like myself. She should really see for herself the effects of shabu. She even dared to endorse Dr. Carl Hart’s statement that shabu supposedly “doesn’t lead to violence”. I suggested that she should go to Tondo. Now, should she arrive then she should examine the evidence for herself. Then she may be what you’d call coddling drug dealers around — why do you think that she would rather condemn a war on drugs than give helpful advice on how to win it?  

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